Yukishiro Kanon
雪代カノン Yukishiro Kanon
Yukishiro Kanon-Evil Cloud.PNG
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Age 17
Gender Female
Season Pretty Cure Galaxy, New Story! New Pretty Cure!
Birthplace Unknown
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Eye Color Red (Kanon)
Light Pink (Dark Cloud)
Reddish-Brown (Cure Comic)
Hair Color 80% Black (Kanon)
Sky Blue (Evil Cloud)
Reddish-Brown (Cure Comic)
Family Yukishiro Honoka (rival), Yukishiro Sanae (grandmother), Chuutaro, Yukishiro Aya (mother), father
Alter Ego Dark Cloud (Galaxy), Cure Comic (New Story!)
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Theme Ego {{{motif}}}
Kanon is the major antagonist of Pretty Cure Galaxy. She's not friendly, she is very mean. Her evil alter ego is Dark Cloud (邪悪な雲 Daakukuraudo?) and her new alter ego is Cure Comic (コミックを治す Kyuakomikku?).



Kanon saw the Galaxy cures, she was very angry, turning evil into Dark Cloud.

New Story!Edit

Kanon has came to Storyko and meeting the new cures that she is very happy and friendly and she has a new mascot called Comics, a female cat but she likes a mascot from the Suite.

Staring at the CuresEdit

Kanon starts staring at Yukishiro Honoka, Toshiba Takari, and the rest of the Galaxy cures. She said "b****!" and she shouts at the rest of the Galaxy cures, now all of the Cures became Kanon's other rivals and Honoka became Kanon's rival.

Attacking the CuresEdit

When she summon one of the monsters, they come and attack the cures.


When Cure Cloud, Cure Turdo and the rest of the Galaxy cures use their group attack, they defeated a monster and Kanon has de-transformed and defeated and now she ran away to Storyko.

Becoming a New Pretty CureEdit

Kanon seens a voice who said "Kanon, if you want to be a Pretty Cure, you must to look at my voice and your new device is here, so please come and get it!" (あなたがプリキュアになりたい場合は、カノンが、あなたが私の声を見なければならず、新しいデバイスがここにあるので、それを来て、入手してください! Anata ga purikyua ni naritai baai wa, kanon ga, anata ga watashi no koe o minakereba narazu, atarashī debaisu ga koko ni aru node, sore o kite, nyūshu shite kudasai!?) but she knows about her voice and she will get the device but Comics came and finally she transforms into a new Pretty Cure.


Kanon is a mean girl with 80% black hair and red eyes.

Dark CloudEdit

"The element of wind, blown by the bad crash, Dark Cloud!"
"Kaze no youso wa, eien no warui kurasshu, Daakukuraudo!"

Dark Cloud (邪悪な雲 Daakukuraudo?) is the evil alter ego, after Honoka, Takari and the rest of the cures was staring and she became angry.

Cure ComicEdit


Special AttacksEdit




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Yukishiro Kanon is unusally created with a borrowed character, color over, and videos that are permanently removed by the company's copyrights.

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