Yoshida Emi
吉田芳田 恵美 {{{romaji}}}
Alias(es) {{{alias}}}
Race {{{race}}}
Age 14
Gender Female
Season Shine! Shine! Precure
Birthplace Kyoto, Japan
Birthdate March 7, 1999
Eye Color Emi: Dark pink

Cure Prism: Fushia

Hair Color Emi: Magenta

Cure Prism: Hot pink

Family Yoshida Mimozo
Alter Ego Cure Prism
Attribute {{{attribute}}}
Theme Ego Rainbow Prisms

Yoshida Emi is a fan character in Shine! Shine! Precure. Her mascot is Raindrop. Her cure ego is Cure Prism. Her spirit animal is a wolf, showing her leadership and compassion.


Emi is a sweet girl who is nosy and curious. Her love for rain prisms makes her intrested in science; especially the science of weather. After being made fun of for wearing glasses, she would hide them in her bag, and was insecure and shy after this. 

After what Kelly had said, Emi became less shy and more outgoing, trying to make new friends. She would talk more about her interests and secretly told Taigo Kelly, Suzu Hakura and Komo Kaori she was actually a Pretty Cure. This proves she is horrible at keeping secrets and she puts her friends at risk sometimes.


Nothing under History.


Emi has magenta hair, often tied back in a ponytail or twin braids. 

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