Vickie Espresso
ヴィッキー•エスプレソ Vikkii Esupureso
Alias(es) Flower of Magnificence
Race Human, Cure
Age 17
Gender Female
Season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! Cosmic
Birthplace Gelatopolis, Starland
Birthdate March 5th, 1996
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Brown with Bisque Ombre(Chocolate)

Black (Vickie)

Family Unknown
Alter Ego Cure Chocolate
Attribute Unknown
Theme Ego Brown Calla Lily

Vickie Espresso is one of the Cures of the fan sequel, Heartcatch Pretty Cure! Cosmic. Her alter ego is Misumi Nagisa (ミスミ渚 Misumi Nagisa)/Cure Guard (キュアガード Kyua Gādoan.


Vickie is described to be a girl with a carefree and timid personality. She somewhat becomes friends with Trish Falldown and Kurumi Momoka.


Vickie resembles of an adolescent with cerulean-colored eyes and a black "curfro". She wears a light pink baby-doll T-shirt and a chocolate-colored mini skirt that is connected to a brown belt. She dons legwarmers and a bow on her hair with the same manner as her miniskirt and white shoes with gray soles.

As Cure Chocolate, her resemblance is unknown.

Cure ChocolateEdit

The flower dancing in kindness, Cure Chocolate!
Shinsetsu de mau ichirin no hana, Kyua Chokoreeto!


Cure Chocolate comes from a flavoring extract to create sweet items, like candy. To fit in the Pretty Cure season, it can be referred to "chocolate-colored flowers", or rarely brown flowers. The brown flower was originally a symbol of masculine personality, but in a target for the fan sequel, Cure Chocolate is known to be a brown calla lily. Because she represents the Flower of Magnificence, the alias's flower represents "magnificent beauty".


  • Vickie Espresso is the gender-bent version of Vincent Brooks from Catherine.
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Property of Caramel
Square caramel
Vickie Espresso is created by Caramelangel714.

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