Vampire CHU CHU! Precure! is a series about four mortal girls with the ancient powers of legendary vampires that protect all humans and vampires from an evil vampire clan called the Dark Bloods.

Plot Edit

Centuries ago in Transylvania, vampires of all types ruled the night soaring through the sky and feasting on blood. Until the an evil clan of vampires who call themselves the Dark Bloods invaded the vampire realm and enslaved almost every vampire big and small with an infectious virus. Now, a three vampire bat fairies fly to the human world to find four mortal girls who will become Vampire CHU CHU! Precure and save both the humans and the vampires... all while trying to avoid sunlight, garlic, and crosses.

Characters Edit

Cures Edit

Cure Bite

Cure Goth

Cure Dark

Cure Fang

Mascots Edit



Allies Edit


Professor Voxblood

Villains Edit

Dark Bloods




Dark Blood Viruses

Items Edit

Vampire Hearts: The magical vampire transformation jewels on chokers.

Fang Blades: The Cures magical fighting swords.

Scourge Cloaks: Magical vampire cloaks that gives the girls the ability to fly, transform into bats, ravens, wolves, or cats, and protect them from any attacking blow.

Blood Revivers: Magical vampire devices that cleans the Dark Blood virus out of the victims' blood.

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