Tsukimori Lyoko
月森リョコ Tsukimori Ryoko
Alias(es) Emissary of Lightning
Race Human
Age 16
Gender Female
Season Pretty Cure (Revamp)
Birthplace Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate November 20th, 1997
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Blue with Sky Blue streak (Cure Twilight)

Black with Blue streak (Lyoko)

Family Tsukimori Hanabi (younger sister)
Alter Ego Cure Twilight
Attribute Lightning
Theme Ego Cat

Tsukimori Lyoko is one of the fan characters of Pretty Cure (Revamp). Her fairy mascot is Riccel, and her alter ego is Cure Twilight (キュアトワイライト Kyua Towairaito?).


Lyoko is first presented as "emo", and presumably, geeky. Little is known that Lyoko gets a rare temper, right after a defamation or assault gets into her and the other Cures. Despite of her ill-tempered manners, she is currently a protective sister of the group, as of protecting Hanabi, her baby sister. Lyoko has a strong spite of Nagisa, describing her as the "red hand" against the Cures.


Lyoko's appearance is unknown, though, she have black, short hair with blue streaks in each opposite stem, and black neutral eyes. Lyoko is shown to have a beauty mark on her left cheek.

In her Cure form, Cure Twilight, Lyoko's hair is longer, until it reaches her waist, and added a long ponytail on the right side of her head. Her hair includes a frizzle style in each part and have light blue streaks in each stem.

Cure TwilightEdit

Cure Twilight (キュアトワイライト Kyua Towairaito?) is Lyoko's Pretty Cure ego. Retrieving the Pod Commune, Lyoko can shout out the phrase "Pretty Cure Palette Wave!". Thudded in a blue color scheme, Cure Twilight summons the element of lightning, by developing an electric shock infront of her opponents. Her charm is a blue cat. In order to become Cure Twilight, she needs a blue Prism Stone and Riccel's Pod Commune form.


Tsukimori (月森?)-Dividing the surname explains you that tsuki (?) translates into "moon", while mori (?) translates into "forest". They are both combined as "moon forest".

Lyoko is a common Australian name, but in Japanese language, it was pronounced as Ryoko (リョコ?), a female Japanese name. This kanji (涼子) means "refreshing child", so it is better to fit for this character.

Cure Twilight defines as the soft glowing light from the sky, which is closely becoming darker. It represents Lyoko's surname.


  • In an early version of Galaxy Pretty Cure!, Lyoko's early name was Soubu Louko. Her early ego was Cure Ignite; however they are later dropped by the revamp of Pretty Cure.
  • Lyoko is the first fan character to have a relative who is also a Cure.


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