Tsukikage Yuri
月影ゆり Tsukikage Yuri
Tsukikage Yuri-Cure Moonlight (Official)
Alias(es) The Mute of Twilight (title)

Flower of the Night

Race Human, Cure
Age 17
Gender Female
Season Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, Heartcatch Pretty Cure! Cosmic
Birthplace Ueda, Japan
Birthdate May 19, 1996
Eye Color Midnight Violet
Hair Color Lilac (Cure Moonlight)

Midnight Violet (Yuri)

Family Tsukikage Haruna (mother), Tsukikage Sabaku (father), Dark Pretty Cure (non-biolgical younger sister)
Alter Ego Cure Moonlight
Attribute Unknown
Theme Ego Moonflower


Yuri's title is The Mute of Twilight (黄昏のミュート Kasogare no Myuuto?). She receive Plum as her new fairy partner, since she was born by a full Heart Pot.


Additional EtymologyEdit

Because Cure Moonlight' represent the Flower of the Night, her symbol is a moonflower, resembling "nocturnal fragrance".