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Tsukikage Yuri
月影ゆり Tsukikage Yuri
Alias(es) The Mute of Twilight (title)
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Age 17
Gender Female
Season Heartcatch Pretty Cure, Heartcatch Pretty Cure Cosmic
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Theme Ego Moonflower


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Yuri is one of the used characters from Heartcatch Pretty Cure. Her used alter ego is Cure Moonlight (キュアムーンライト Kyua Muunraito?), and her mascot is Cologne, but dies to sacrifice himself to protect Yuri.



Calm and composed, Yuri displays a cold personality to both Tsubomi and Erika. She is frequently at the top of exam scores at school, though does not seem to care about it. In the past, she used to be overconfident in her powerful abilities as Cure Moonlight, thinking that she did not need partners, though Cologne thinks that she simply did not want to burden anyone else with the task of becoming Pretty Cure. When Cologne sacrificed himself to save her, followed by her defeat against Sabaku and Dark Cure, the shock and trauma caused Yuri's Heart Flower to wilt completely. However, her cold and overly negative personality is only the outcome of her sadness, and her true personality is a much more content one. She had often thought that it was impossible for her to become a Pretty Cure again, even to the extent where she was quite stubborn about it, despite her maturity. Eversince she became a Pretty Cure again and spend a lot of time with the Pretty Cures, she became more friendly and show true and a little positive emotions.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

Yuri's symbol is a moonflower, ressembling to Cure Moonlight. Yuri's title is The Mute of Twilight (黄昏のミュート Kasogare no Myuuto?).

In the Mega Man crossover, her special alter ego is Shadow Moonlight (シャドームーンライト Shadoo Muunraito?), combining with Shadow Man's power.

In the fan sequel, Heartcatch Pretty Cure Cosmic, Erika was given up when she was replaced by Haneshiro Moyoko, the new mascot was given as Coffret, Erika's fairy partner.

Shadow MoonlightEdit

"The flower that paces the moon ninja, Shadow Moonlight!"
歩月の忍者その花, シャドームーンライト!
"Hogetsu no ninja sono hana, Shadoo Muunraito!"

Bird MoonlightEdit




Heartcatch Precure! Vocal Album 2 Track 1104:17

Heartcatch Precure! Vocal Album 2 Track 11

Ummet Ozcan - The Box (Original Mix)06:02

Ummet Ozcan - The Box (Original Mix)

Shadow Moonlight's Theme

Oops. Why didn't you say so?-Tsubomi
Tsubomi Homestuck
Tsukikage Yuri is an official character from Pretty Cure.

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