Tsubasa Hane
羽 つばさ Hane Tsubasa
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Age 14
Gender Fenale
Season Flying Pretty Cure!
Birthplace Hiko Town
Birthdate 20 November
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Blonde
Family Hane Miyuki (mother)

Hane Yan (father)

Alter Ego Cure Wings
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Tsubasa Hane (羽 つばさ Hane Tsubasa) is the leader of Flying Pretty Cure! She is friendly and smart and likes helping people. Her alter ego is Cure Wings (キュア ウィングス Kyua U~ingusu).


Tsubasa has mid-back blonde hair which she keeps down. Her eye colour is blue.

As Cure Wings, her hair grows longer and her eyes and hair stay the same colour.


Tsubasa is a friendly, smart fourteen year old girl who is a second year student at Maiagaru Middle School. She likes to help a lot of people and loves dancing and singing. She is a great cook and is the cooking, dancing and singing club. She is also very cheerful and makes friends with Sora and Moya easily.



Cure WingsEdit

Breezy memories! Cure Wings!
さわやかな思い出!キュア ウィングス!
Sawayakana omoide! Kyua U~ingusu!




Hane (羽)- Hane mean feather when translated. It refers to feathers on wings.

Tsubasa (つばさ)- Tsubasa mean wings when translated. It refers to her cure name.



  • Tsubasa is the first leader to hold the power of wind.
  • She is also the second leader to pink and white as her theme colour. The first is Cure Heart.

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