Trump Cards! Pretty Cure
トランプ カード!プリキュア
(Toranpu Kādo! Purikyua)
Episodes49 episodes
SuccessorGemstones Pretty Cure!
Trump Cards! Pretty Cure is a series created by CureKanade.


When Tarot Kingdom is attacked, Cure Blade with the help of the warrior princess Marie, they protect their kingdom. But when Marie is hit by a deadly blow and is kidnapped, Cure Blade is forced to retreat to the human world through the magical portal.


Pretty CureEdit

Shijo Aika/Cure Tempo
Aika is the main character of the show. She is a bit of a klutz and is very smart. She hates keeping secrets. Her alter ego is Cure Tempo.

Naiya Kira/Cure Crystal
Kira is one of the main characters of the show. She loves to ice skate and is a very good dancer. Her alter ego is Cure Crystal.

Yoshida Rie/Cure Lucky
Rie is one of the main characters of the show. She has a passion for reading and has a calm personality. Her alter ego is Cure Lucky.

Miyamoto Yui/Cure Blade
Yui is one of the main characters of the show. She is a warrior from Tarot Kingdom and can be distant. Her alter ego is Cure Blade.


Doki is Aika's fairy partner.

Dia is Kira's fairy partner.

Luck is Rie's fairy partner.

Saber is Yui's fairy partner.


Dark Joker
Dark Joker is the commander of the Oblivion Cures. She has a cruel personality and will do any thing to destroy Pretty Cure. In episode 25 she goes over to the good side and becomes a girl named Fuzakeru Miyabi with the alter ego of Cure Joker with a much better personality.

Oblivion Cures
The antagonist counterpart of Trump Cards! Pretty Cure.

Kyomu is the leader of Oblivion.

The monsters of Oblivion.

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