Trish Falldown
トリッシュ•フォールダウン Torishu Foorudaun
Alias(es) Flower of Courage
Race Human, Cure
Age 17
Gender Female
Season Heartcatch Pretty Cure! Cosmic
Birthplace Santa Vorte, Starland
Birthdate December 9th, 1996
Eye Color Black
Hair Color White with Yellow Ombre (Cure Vanilla)

Black (Trish)

Family Unknown
Alter Ego Cure Vanilla
Attribute Beam
Theme Ego Daisy

Trish Falldown is one of the fan characters from the fan sequel, Heartcatch Pretty Cure! Cosmic. Her alter ego is Cure Vanilla (キュアバニラ Kyua Banira?).


Trish is a laid-back, triumphantly passionate, and punk-like adolescent with an infamous temper. She have a strong hatred on Kurumi Erika, when she analyzes her status of being a Pretty Cure, but she becomes friends with Momoka and Vickie Espresso.


Trish Falldown resembles of a 17-year-old female adolescent with simple black eyes. She have black, short hair that is styled in a "Tough Comb" hairstyle, along with her neck-length part. Trish accessorizes herself with yellow shades as her trademark. She sports a white baby-doll T-shirt and denim shorts; underneath her shirt is a maroon-colored jacket. Trish wears white boots with three "X" marks on each and maroon toetips and highlights.

As Cure Daisy, her appearance resembles to be unknown.

Cure DaisyEdit

The flower rushing valiantly, Cure Vanilla!
Yuukan ni isoide ichirin no hana, Kyua Banira!

Cure Vanilla (キュアバニラ Kyua Banira?) is Trish's Pretty Cure ego.


Cure Vanilla derives from a flavoring extract from a plant to make various of sweet items. Because she is known as the Flower of Courage, vanilla is known to be a "white orchid"; an orchid is a symbol of "strength and luxury".


  • Her early concept was Trish Monarch from Pretty Cure TECHNO-fied, one of the early versions of Vortex Pretty Cure!.
  • Before Trish was chosen to be a replacement, one of the official characters from another anime franchise, Beauty, also known as her full name Beauty Aile, is chosen as a non-Cure, dubbed as Starlight Glory; however, she was later omitted when revamping the series.
    • The reason why Beauty and her Pretty Cure ego are scrapped is that she originates from Yoshio Sawai, though Bobobo-bo Bo-bobo also belongs to Toei Animation. She is along with Suzu, too.
    • Roll and Kalinka Cossack from the Mega Man series are also scrapped, because they originated from Capcom.
  • Trish Falldown is the gender-bent version of Travis Touchdown from No More Heroes.
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