The Return of Cure Moonlight (キュアムーンライトのリターン Kyuamunraito no ritan) is a fanseries that will be posted to DeviantART. It revolves around a girl who powers are passed onto her by Cure Moonlight.


This takes place a few years after DiamondCatch Pretty Cure (article yet to be posted). After, Futaba, Ai, Nagisa, and Mei have defeated Sand. Mei (Yuri's future sister) has a daughter named Tsukikage Kasumi who was born with a moon birthmark on her forehead. Yuri gets suspicious of her niece's birthmark and thus, comes to live with her sister in order to learn more about it. Then, one day, on the night of Kasumi's 13th birthday, Yuri realizes that it's a Pretty Cure symbol. That night, she becomes Cure Moonlight and talks to her niece, putting her Cure powers into Kasumi's pendant and ring which she soon deems the "Moonlight Pendant" and the "Cure Ring." and since then, Kasumi transforms into Cure Moonlight and defeats evil.

Heroes and VillainsEdit

Tsukikage Kasumi - She is the daughter of Tsukikage Mei and the niece of Tsukikagge Yuri. She takes on the role as Cure Moonlight with her Moonlight Pendant and Cure Ring.

Tsukikage Yuri - The aunt of Kasumi. She passes on her powers to her.


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