Singular Rider: REBOOT is the remake and combination of Singular Rider S: Decade and Pretty Cure. This alternate timeline movie is actually a prequel to Power Rangers Goes Extinct G: Singular Rider and the Cure of the Darkside/Shurikijuger Movie: The Heroic Singular Rider vs. The Cure of th Destruction because of Misumi Nagisa's interference Samuel Nakaoka the Second and Arceus battle similar to Blitzer. This movie was extremely serious darker tone only have adult content (removed by Cartoon Network due to extremely violence only a little bit darker tone and replaced by a American-Exclusive scenes).


Removed in contentEdit

These original Super Sentai scenes were brutally removed and replaced by American-Exclusive scenes due to violence gores and adult content.

Beginning on the sceneEdit

  • When Samuel Nakaoka the Second tries to stop Nagisa from killing everybody from the Garden of Hope, she shouts at him to shut up and tried to kill him before he used Decade Violent Emotion card to transform in sadness and cries as Honoka and Tsukasa looked in horror at Samuel Nakaoka and Nagisa's final attack. Tsukasa screams Samuel Nakaoka's name before it was just a dream.

Final SceneEdit

  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second looked the main timeline



  • Samuel Nakaoka the Second - A main protagonist in the reboot movie. Unlike the prime timeline, he is love interest of Misumi Nagisa. He used all of the alternate RIDE Cards including Decade's Violent Emotion form card


  • Tsukasa Kadoya - A ally of Samuel Nakaoka the Second in the reboot movie.


  • Misumi Nagisa - She is the main antagonist in the reboot movie. Unlike the prime timeline, she is love interest of Samuel Nakaoka the Second.
    • ​Alternate Dark Riders - The group of the Dark Riders who never existed in the prime timeline lead by Nagisa after she failed the Cure Exam too many times.
      • Kamen Rider Glud - A Rider from the alternate Ryuki World, joined by Nagisa where he intially refused to being a Rider before he joined her as Kamen Rider Glud. He is ruthlessly person who like to fight and kill people.
      • Kamen Rider Icerus - A Rider from the alternate Kabuto World, joined by Nagisa.
      • Kamen Rider G5 - A Rider from the alternate Agito World, joined by Nagisa.
      • Kamen Rider Gaia


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