Shuku Layla
祝レイラ Shuku Reira
Alias(es) Unknown
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Age 14
Gender Female
Season Smile Pretty Cure! Portal
Birthplace Okinawa, Japan
Birthdate September 10, 1996
Eye Color Black
Hair Color Magenta (Cure Harmony)

Light Brown (Layla)

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Alter Ego Cure Harmony
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Theme Ego Heart


Shuku Layla is one of the characters of the ninth installment's fan sequel, Smile Pretty Cure! Portal. Her alter ego is Cure Harmony (キュアハーモニー Kyua Haamonii?).


Layla is mostly a jolly and surprise-loving aristocrat with a foxy skill for both cheerleading and dressmaking. Layla is an honest friend of Himazaku Saiya, as they both assist the same school as Sakagami Ayumi is.


Layla is first introduced in a tranquil forest, spotting Cure Happy's Cure Decor, which is earlier dropped at the sky. The Dream Stalkers caught Layla that she have the Cure Decor, but she becomes Cure Harmony, which led to Miyuki's dismay.


Early VersionEdit

Unlike the original Smile! characters and fan characters, Layla's skin is slightly tan or lightly brown. In an unusual tendency, Layla's appearance is vaguely African-American, because of her skin and her hairstyle. She has light chocolate-colored hair that is tied into a huge, wide, and puffy ponytail. Layla is shown, donning a dress, and a long-sleeved shirt underneath with ruffled texture. Layla have knee-length socks with another ruffled texture and these flats, to show a "cutesy" manner. She also have a pair of pearl-shaped earrings.

As Cure Harmony, Layla's appearance becomes drastic, including her hair color, changing into a magenta color. Her hair is separated into two puffy pigtails and an extended hair length to her knees, while the ends are styled in a puffed manner. On her head is a tiara with a flower icon on the center, and two flower gems with leaves on each side. Her ears a connected with the headset, that includes a curved stem in each. Harmony's vestments include a dress with her signature icon on her chest, and a overlapped highlight to the end of her skirt. Harmony dons a pair of mittens that are ornamented with spheres. Her waist belt contains a circle on the center, overlapping part of her signature icon. Harmony wears a pair of boots that consist of the same sphere ornaments on her feet.

Cure HarmonyEdit

Puffing music, beautiful soul♪ Cure Harmony!
Ponpon ongaku, utsukushi tamashii♪ Kyua Haamonii!

Cure Harmony (キュアハーモニー Kyua Haamonii?) is Lea's Pretty Cure alter ego.

Color PalettesEdit

  • Tiana (The Princess & the Frog)
  • Bobobo (BoBoBo-Bo Bo-BoBo)
  • Lumpy Space Princess (Adventure Time)
  • Jay Jay (Wild Grinders)
  • Celestia Ludenberg (Dangan Ronpa)
  • Robo-Zukin (DanceDanceRevolution SuperNOVA)
  • Minion (Despicable Me)
  • Cyborg (Teen Titans)
  • Disco Bear (Happy Tree Friends)




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