Yoshida Emi is on her way to school when a small palette falls from the sky. Picking it up, she looks around for its owner and isn't sucessful. She puts it into her school bag and puts on her glasses, walking into the school. She walks to her locker, bumping into someone and misplacing her glasses. While looking, someone kicks them to her, and makes fun of her. 

She gingerly fights back, stuffing her glasses into her bag, not noticing the palette is glowing inside. When she gets to class, she is told to go to the office after the palette begins to glow and speak; the sensei thinking it is a cell phone. 

While waiting in front of the office, Emi observes the palette and attempts to break it, but a small wolf pup pops his head out and stands in front of her. He tells Emi she is  the choosen precure and has to protect the Prism Palace from the Dark Overlord. She accepts and goes to the courtyard, taking out the palette and transforming. Not knowing what to do, Raindrop instructs her to shout "Shine! Shine! Precure, Shine! Shine! Go!" Soon, she is in her alter ego and shouts:

"The sun that shines on the raindrops! Cure Prism!"

"Taiyō sono kagayaki ue no uteki! Kyra Prizumu!"

"ザ·滴! 光の使者プリズム!"

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