Shiku Rumi
志久 るみ Shiku Rumi
Alias(es) N/A
Race Human
Age 4
Gender Female
Season Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
Birthplace Kibougahana
Birthdate Unknown
Eye Color Dark Yellow
Hair Color Brown
Family Shiku Nanami (older sister)
Alter Ego N/A
Attribute N/A
Theme Ego N/A

Rumi is one of the minor characters of Heartcatch Pretty Cure.


Rumi is still in kindergarten, so she likes to imitate her sister and remain a happy child.


Rumi looks like a four-year-old girl with brown, short pigtails and brown eyes. She wears a yellow dress with a pink long-sleeved shirt underneath, dark velvet shoes, and white, long socks.

Fanon DescriptionsEdit

Oops. Why didn't you say so?-Tsubomi
Tsubomi Homestuck
Shiku Rumi is an official character from Pretty Cure.

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