Aika Shijo
子女 あいか Shijo Aika
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Age 14
Gender Female
Season Trump Cards! Pretty Cure
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Birthdate 14th February
Eye Color Magenta
Hair Color Light Brown (Aika)

Yellow (Tempo)

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Alter Ego Cure Tempo
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Aika is the main protagonist and leader of Trump Cards! Pretty Cure. She is a cute and adoring person who has a lot of courage. Even though she isn't very athletic, she will do morning runs with her fairy partner, Doki. Her alter ego Cure Tempo (キュア テンポ Kyua Tenpo), the symbol of the heart and holds the power of music and love.


Aika has shoulder length light brown hair which she keeps down. Her eye colour is magenta. Her summer casual outfit is a pale pink dress with a ruffled skirt with pink sandles.

Her winter casual outfit is a pink open jacket with a waist length yellow shirt underneath, mini jean skirt and black knee length boots.

As Cure Tempo, her hair becomes yellow and goes up into a high ponytail which is held by a pink bow with a heart in the middle.


Aika is a klutz and is very smart. She has passion for music and hates keeping secrets. She loves going for morning runs and gets scared very easily.




Cure TempoEdit

"Heart Pounding Love! Cure Tempo!"
"ハート愛パウン!キュア テンポ !"
"Hāto-ai paun! Kyua Tenpo!"

Cure Tempo (キュア テンポ Kyua Tenpo?)is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Aika. Aika has the power of music and love and can jump very high resulting in able to fly. Her main weapon is Charming Valentine, a heart-themed arrow.


  • Lovely Crescendo (ラブリー クレッシェンド Raburī Kuresshendo?)



  • Out of the four girls, Aika represents the heart, as of the major symbols of card suits: