Sapphire Waters is the leader of the Aqua Pretty Cure. She is actually half-human, half-mermaid and was born in Marina to a mermaid mother, Princess Skye, and a human father, John Stuart. At the moment, she lives in Sunnyville with her adopted parents, Danielle Harris and Don Harris. Mostly, Sapphire is really happy, and she says "I want the ocean, but I'm so happy I don't care!" but when she is unhappy, she says "I want the ocean, he is my only friend..."

Sapphire's Pretty Cure Alter Ego is Cure Waves.

Appearance Edit

Sapphire has strawberry blonde wavy hair and bangs, usually worn down her back. She has big blue-green eyes with long blonde eyelashes and matching tidy eyebrows. Her casual outfit is a grass-green t-shirt, a denim jacket, a denim miniskirt, bright blue socks and white sandals. Her summer outfit is a bright blue flowing dress that reaches just below her knees, a white belt and matching white wedged sandals. Her school uniform is a white polo shirt, a black pleated skirt, white ankle socks, bright blue trainers, a black blazer and a bright blue tie.

As Cure Waves, Sapphire's hair becomes knee length and bright blue with grass-green highlights. Her eyes turn a very bright blue. Sapphire's hair is left loose, with tiny plaits all over. Her outfit is a grass green long-sleeved frilly top with pearls making a seashell pattern, a knee length bright blue tutu-like skirt, white tights and bright blue boots with pearls wrapped around it.

{{{nihongo}}} {{{romaji}}}
Alias(es) Cure Waves, Miss Waters
Race {{{race}}}
Age 13
Gender Female
Season Aqua Pretty Cure, Season 1
Birthplace Marina, Sunnyville (current home)
Birthdate July 13th
Eye Color Blue-green (Sapphire)

Bright blue (Cure Waves)

Hair Color Strawberry blonde (Sapphire)

Bright blue with grass green highlights(Cure Waves)

Family Princess Skye and John Stuart (real parents, deceased)

Danielle and Don Harris (adoptive parents)

Alter Ego Cure Waves, Star Waves, Rainbow Waves
Attribute {{{attribute}}}
Theme Ego ???

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