Rosy Impact! Pretty Cure
(Rōjī Inpakuto! Purikyua)
Rosy Impact! Pretty Cure (ロージーインパクト!プリキュア Rōjī Inpakuto! Purikyua?) is a Pretty Cure fanseries by CureKanade. The series is to have 49 episodes with one opening and two endings. The themes are music and love.



Pretty CureEdit

  • Hatsune Mia (初音ミア Hatsune Mia?)/ Cure Dawn (キュアドーン Kyua Dōn?)

A sporty, energetic girl who when under pressure, becomes nervous, clumsy and a bit clueless with what she is doing. Mia is very friendly and easily makes friends but can get attached really easily and usually becomes very annoying. She loves to learn new things and is a very caring older sister. She transforms into Cure Dawn, her theme colour is pink and her main power is love.

  • Fujiwara Ruri (藤原るり Fujiwara Ruri?)/ Cure Feather (キュアフェザー Kyua Fezā?)

A shy, talented girl who is very flexible, due to doing gymnastics since she was younger. Ruri is very easy going and easy to get along with but she often gets shy and avoids people when she doesn't have the confidence to talk to them. She lives in a rich family and is allowed to do anything she wants. She transforms into Cure Feather, her theme colour is blue and her main power is flying.

There are other Cures but they don't appear until half-way through the series.







Opening ThemeEdit

Ending ThemesEdit

  • Meteor Impact - The first ending theme of the series. Like Fresh Pretty Cure! through to Happiness Charge Pretty Cure!, the ending is a 3D dance performed by the Cures.
  • Eien ni issho - The second ending theme of the series that is first seen in Episode 23. The ending is a 3D dance once again and the title translates to "Forever Together".

Vocal AlbumsEdit