Haru,Michiko,Yoko and Mitsu

 pretty cure seasoml change is about four girls,Mitsu Yoko,Michiko and Haru.

Mitsu is the first cure or Cure summer,then followed by Yoko as Cure Autumn then Michiko as Cure Winter and finly Haru as Cure Spring. the story begains with Mitsu as the new girl in school,on her way home from her first day she sees a little mouse follwing her,this make's Mitsu cuirses but when she turns to look at the mouse again it's gone! but in it's place is a little gold sun charm,even more perplexed by this she picks it up and to her astonishmnet it turnd in to a yellowy/gold cloured phone!  The next day she sees an owl trying to eat a mouse and she's certine this is the same mouse from yesterday,so running over to it she's shooked when the mouse calls out to her! "use the seasonl mo!" then she's wraped in a golden light and whala Cure Summer is born!! it's pretty much the same for all the pretty cures,then one day Haru finds the little mouse under a bush in there garden and brings it in side (this after there all pretty cure and are friends) then the mouse turns in to a young a girl about there age and says her name is Mimi! and she is there gurdin. and then the addventes begain!

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