episodes from PokePoke! Precure. Each episode features one of 7 endings depending which cure had the bigger role in that episode.


1. In the World of Pokemon... We've Become Pokemon!?Edit

The World of Pokemon... has fallen under Shadow Mewtwo's ruthless rule! A group of Pokemon (The Poke-Bels) rose up to rebel, but most of them fell prey to fear. The remaining members (Lyria Meloetta, Lillie Floette, Kairi the Alolan Vulpix, Mimmy Steenee, and Manami Manaphy) managed to try to get a Pokemon delegate from each type to meet up together, but Shadow Mewtwo's minions manages to capture them all. Down to the wire, they pray to the monument to the Tapu Fairies to send a miracle. Meanwhile, Ayumi maybe a Precure, but unlike the others, she doesn't have a group of friends to keep being Precure with or a team she can be apart of. That night, the Tapu Fairies appeared in her dreams and gave her a Z-Bracelet. When she wakes up, she discovers that she and her two fairies (Gueru and Enen) are in the world of Pokemon and have become Pokemon. Suddenly, they find a crystal monster attacking Lyria and her friends. Hearing the voices of the Tapu Fairies, Ayumi uses her Smile Charm and the Z-Bracelet to become Cure Sing and save the day!

Ending: Ayumi

Card: Pikachu (Electric Delegate)

2. In Search of the Lights... Song Fairy Again?!Edit

Ayumi and her fairies learn that they have been summoned to the world of Pokemon to help defeat Shadow Mewtwo and bring peace back to the world. With her new Z-Ring, she can use the Sleeping Cards to revive the Pokemon trapped inside, but only temporally. With the help of their new friends of the Poke-Bells, they go off in search of the other two precure who were summoned as well. Luckily, they find Hummy, Siren, and the Fairy Tones. Though the tones appear to not have changed, Hummy has become a Skitty while Siren has become a Delcatty, and she seems to be happy about it thinking that she's become a song fairy. Meanwhile, Shadow Mewtwo learns that humans are in the world and sends Gotchuknow (Pinsir) to release a Crystal Monster (Crystamon) to destroy them. Siren sees that Ayumi became Cure Sing and uses her precure power to become Cure Twilight to save the day.

Ending: Siren

Card: Liepard

3. Flowers to Fire... Mystical Magic of a Fox!!Edit

There is still one more Precure that became a Pokemon and it's actually Ha-Chan. Though they find her, she is not happy with her form since she is a Fennekin (a fire type that can burn flowers instead of nurturing them). However Lady Gardevoir, one of Shadow Mewtwo's minions, attacks with a Crystamon. Ha-Chan sees that Cure Sing and Cure Twilight is struggling. Yet in her mind, she learns that fire maybe burn flowers but it allows for more beautiful blooms to grow in their place. With the powers of evolution, she becomes Cure Mystique and uses her new powers as Braixen to save the day. Yet when she transforms back, she de-evolves, which confuses everyone. Ha-Chan tells them that since she is part of the Mahou Precure who transform into their future selves. She then sees how the Pokemon nearby help the plants that were destroyed in battle to grow new sprouts.

Ending: Ha-Chan

Card: Roselia

4. Who Am I? I am Dawn.Edit

Ayumi, Siren, Ha-Chan, and their fairy friends all have the same dream thanks to the spirit of a Mew named Dawn. She gives them info on what is going on and that they must find the Pokemon who are Precure like them. They must also teach courage to the Pokemon for several have forgotten by giving into fear. The dream was soon interrupted by Zebu the Zebstrika and his Crystamon. The 3 precure work together to defeat the Crystamon. Yet Zebu gives them chills like.... he's a villain that they battled before....

Ending: Ayumi

Card: Accelgor (Bug Delegate)

5. A Gift from Neo Queen Serenity!? A Digimon and a PokemonEdit

Kairi has been having strange dreams of a winged unicorn who seems familiar to her. The group learns that Kairi once met a Digimon called Frostymon who's named Frosty. Yet Ayumi notices that she fell in love with him. That next night, she learns that the winged unicorn is called Alicomon,  the digivolved form of Frostymon. Though her dreams, he attempted to see her again after they were torn apart by their worlds. However, Lady Gardevoir and Sir Gallade work together to attack the group. Yet the two recognize Kairi as the Pokemon who fell in love with a Digimon. The two compare their love as true while her love is incompatible. Kairi denys their lies and admits that she loves him! Suddenly, Kairi is surrounded by a bright light. Inside the light, Kairi sees Neo Queen Serenity who gives her the power of her Heart Moon Rod for staying true for her love. Kairi comes out of the light as Cure Blizzard and chills the Crystamon out! After the battle, Kairi wonders why a future queen would grant her powers. That next night, Frosty tells her that Serenity sees that she has the power to bring warm love into the cold.

Ending: Kairi

Card: Mismagius

6. Are You a Boy or Girl? Lyria is Both!?Edit

With her Relic Song, Lyria can change formes... and genders, which gives everyone the chills. The last of Shadow Mewtwo's minions, Jigglypuff the Pink, may not appear to be strong, but she is actually quite dangerous... And she is doing an attack with a Crystamon. As the 4 precure go into battle, Lyria changes to Pirouette form and joins the fight. Jigglypuff questions if Lyria is a boy or a girl, but he states that he's both a boy and a girl, and he's proud to be that! With that, song notes allow Lyria to change into two different cures: Cure Aria and Cure Pirouette. With the power of formes, Lyria defeats the Crystamon and sends Jigglypuff home crying. Though the group are a bit chilled by that Lyria is both a boy and a girl, they are glad that she is their friend... or is it he at the moment?

Ending: Lyria

Card: Chatot

7. Is it Sour or Sweet? The Power of the Liechi Berry!Edit

Mimmy is tough on everything in life since she knows that one wrong move and it's all over. Ayumi worries about how she is, but Lyria told her that she joined the Poke-Bels but no one knew anything about her. Yet she gets furious if anyone approaches her tear pendant on her head. One evening, Ayumi finds Mimmy staring at a Liechi Berry in her hand. She says that it was a special present from a dear friend. However, Gotchuknow attacks Ayumi and steals her Z-Ring from her, leaving her at the Crystamon's mercy. Mimmy tried to protect her, but her tear pendant fell, revealing it to be a locket with a picture of a Cherubi inside. Mimmy looked into the picture with sad eyes but they reverted to courage for she knows that her dear friend would want her to fight. With the power of the Liechi Berry, Mimmy becomes Cure Liechi and squishes the Crystamon. Ayumi sees that Mimmy lost a dear friend, but decides not to question it for Mimmy has suffered more than enough...

Ending: Mimmy

Card: Cubone

8. For the Oceans! Friendships inside My Heart!Edit

Manami may love to play in her ocean home, but not anymore for Shadow Mewtwo built his empire on Samiya Island, the largest island in the ocean. That's why the ocean princess joined the Poke-Bells. To free her home, the sea Pokemon, her sea pals, and the 6 who treated her like family. The thoughts flow through her head as the precure battle the first of Jigglypuff's playmates (4 Pokemon that have to be her minions due to their fears) Moondancer the Clefairy. Manami really wants the battles to end so she can play, but she truly wants to save her family. Suddenly, the power of the water and transformation grants her the power to become Cure Ocean and washes away Moondancer's Crystamon. Manami now knows that she must have the courage to bring back peace to not just her home but the world along side the PokePoke! Precure!

Ending: Manami

Card: Quagsire

9. A Great Rainstorm!? The Power of 8!?Edit

The group reaches a small village, Sprout Village where a shrine to Eevee is. The village elder tells them about the Power of 8, a group of powerful Eevee who were brave and strong and evolved into each of the possible forms of Eevee. Yet, they disappeared after an attempt to face Shadow Mewtwo. Meanwhile, Zebu uses a special CrystamonX2 to create a powerful rainstorm. The group become precure and attempt to save the village from danger. Lille tries to join in and proves that the biggest things come in small packages by giving the PokePoke! Precure a powerful team attack. After destroying the CrystamonX2, 2 cards fall down showing Vaporeon and Jolteon inside. Ayumi promises the village that they'll save all the trapped Pokemon and the Power of 8.

Ending: Ayumi

Card: Vaporeon (Power 1) Jolteon (Power 2)

10. Where's My Mommy? A Father Must Be Brave!!Edit

While passing through Wooly Fields, the group finds an Ampharos protecting a little Mareep from Zebu. However, it fails and they and the Mareep watch in horror as Ampharos becomes a small card. Zebu sees them and tells them that he'll be back. They learn from the Mareep that Ampharos is his mother. Mimmy tries to be stern, but Siren comforts him. Mimmy gets upset at how her attempts failed and runs off to be alone. She soon finds an shy Salamence. He tells her about how foolish he was to the girl he loves but is afraid to face her again... She gives a talk about how he must be brave to inspire the children since he is seen as brave. However, she returns to see that Zebu has made his newest card into a Crystamon. Though she becomes Cure Liechi, the Crystamon launches an attack that heads straight for the Mareep, but the Salamence from before comes in and stops the attack. After the battle, Ayumi uses her Z-ring to revive Ampharos but only temporarily. Salamence talks to her and begs forgiveness, but she smiles and is happy to see him again before the she becomes a card again. Salamence promises Mareep that he'll take care of him... for a father must be brave to protect his son.

Ending: Mimmy

Card: Ampharos

11. Mimmy's Tragic Lost... Don't Get Revenge!!Edit

Mimmy remembers how she lost her best friend back when she was a Bounsweet. Since then, she has a hatred of bird Pokemon and vows revenge. Yet, she must face this hatred because they are in Pidove woods, where the Pidove tribe lives since the Unfezant parents have been... busy... Yet the Tranquil and Pidove are going mad since the Unfezant have disappeared. Mimmy is restrained by Ayumi when she attempt to strike a little Pidove. Mimmy realized that hurting these bird Pokemon would make her a monster. Yet, her mind is set on revenge on the bird who took her friend away from her. Yet the 4th of Jigglypuff's playmates, Terkeh, attacks with his CrystamonX2. The group transforms, but Mimmy sees that the Pidove were what she once was... scared and alone without the one they love, and now she must protect them. Yet, she inspires a Tranquil like her to fight for the Pidove and evolves into Unfezant (F). The CrystamonX2 is defeated and the cards are really the Unfezant parents. The Unfezant that evolved talked with Mimmy. She was angry and wanted revenge on Shadow Mewtwo for doing that to her parents, but now she must be brave and lead her brothers and sisters now. Mimmy knows that courage, not anger, makes you strong. ...However, she still wants revenge on only one creature... Pidgeot...

Ending: Mimmy

Card: Unfezent (2 M/F) (Flying Delegates)

12. We aren't Enemies!! Zangoose's Love!?Edit

It's a crazy day as the Zangoose Tribe ambushes the group, but they soon realize what's going on. The leader Zangoose tells them that a travelling Pokemon said that the Seviper Tribe was planning to take over their territory and are quite jumpy. Yet, Ayumi notices one Zangoose (With a purple scar on its left cheek) is different from the others. She talks with the Zangoose, Ziggy (she prefers ZigZag) and is shocked that Ziggy is actually in love with a Seviper (Cobu). She met him while accidentally wandering into Seviper territory and they engaged in battle. During battle, she received her nasty scar from his Poison Tail. Yet, she awoke and discovered that he treated her poison instead of killing her. Cobu and Ziggy agreed to meet again for another battle... but he never came to the battle... Ziggy fears that the Seviper found out about their moment and... Suddenly, Lady Gardevoir and Sir Gallade attack the Zangoose Tribe with their Crystamon. Ziggy realizes that Sir Gallade disguised himself as a traveler to trick the tribe into attacking the Poke-Bels. Ayumi becomes Cure Sing and defeats the Crystamon. Ziggy learns that the card is Cobu. Ayumi revives him temporarily and she learns that he couldn't make it because he was attack. The Zangoose Tribe watch in awe as Ziggy embraces him before the revival wore off. The next day, Ziggy decides to leave to see the world and learn more. Ayumi gives her Cobu's card so they can be together again and she promises Ziggy that he and the other cards will be free of the curse because she will make sure of that.

Ending: Ayumi

Card: Seviper

13. Are You Scared? Fears in Dream EaterEdit

Zebu decides to launch a CrystamonX9 designed with fear powers to give the PokePoke! Precure a dose of their worse fears so they'll be trapped in an evil dream world. However, Frosty protects  Kairi's dreams which made her immune to the power. Though they all face their fears knowing that what caused is something they aren't afraid of, Siren is still in fear of becoming evil again and losing Hummy permanently. Eventually, with help of the real Hummy, Siren learns that with Hummy's help, the fear will never come true and defeats the CrystamonX9 inside the dream. That morning, Siren wakes with two cards on top of her and joins everyone in seeing the sunrise.

Ending: Siren

Cards: Mimikyu (Ghost Delegate) & Wimpod (8)

14. Never Give up! I am no Splasher!Edit

The group comes to the Carp Falls because this is where young Magikarp grow up. According to tradition, a Magikarp that scales Carp Falls is considered a grown up. Manami tries this but can't scale like the Magikarp, but she meets a shy gold Magikarp called Goldie. She is scared to climb the falls at the risk of humiliation. Manami decides to train her with smaller waterfalls and sees that she is only lacking the confidence since she has the skills to climb up Wailord Falls (Largest falls in their world). But Goldie still lacks confidence. Suddenly, the falls is attacked by Gotchuknow and his Crystamon. Goldie watches the group attack and she notices Cure Ocean trying to climb to the top and suddenly gains determination to climb up the falls and evolves into Gyarados and knocks out the bad guys. After the battle, Goldie, who changes her name to Scarlett, is named a hero by the Magikarp. Manami knows that Scarlett is now a grown up and she watches the Gyarados leave the falls to see the world of the ocean.

Ending: Manami

Card: Magikarp

15. Going Down! The Caves of Unown!Edit

While walking, an earthquake happens, creating a crack in the ground that swallows Lyria, Kairi, and Lillie. While the others try to find a way to save them, the trio finds themselves in the caves of Unown, ruins with hieroglyphics the language of Unown and caves of the ancients. They admire the ancient cave paintings, but Kairi sadly sees paintings of her homeland, but she denies missing the place. However, their exploration is interrupted by Junior (one of Jigglypuff's Playmates) and a Crystamon, which caused the earthquake. Lyria and Kairi change and battle but accidentally destroying the cave painting of Kairi's home. Suddenly, Kairi gets mad because these caves are precious parts of history and creates an ice blast that defeats the Crystamon and freezes Junior. Luckily, Ha-Chan comes with her magic and gets the group out. Lyria wonders why Kairi hates her homeland, but the girl states that she never wants to return.

Ending: Kairi

Card: Diglett

16. Lilly's a Human!? Song in the Snow and RainEdit

Ayumi has a dream and meets Dawn again. She tells them that there is one more precure but she is imprisoned on New Island, the base of Shadow Mewtwo. The next day, she tells the others, but the fastest way is over Frigid Mountain. While braving the cold, a blizzard strikes, forcing them to take shelter in a cave, except Kairi who sings a song while dancing in the snow. Lilly suddenly has a vision of herself dancing in the rain and a human lady joining her in her song and dance. Lyria talks with her and realizes that Lilly is probably... a Human!? Yet she wonders why she isn't a precure and in this world. Meanwhile, Jigglypuff comes with two Power of 8 cards and creates a Crystamon. The cures brave the blizzard as they battle. Lilly uses her powers to create a Sunny Day and manage to defeat the Crystamon. Later, Lyria still wonders how and why Lilly came here long before the Ayumi and the others. Lilly wonders too, but she knows they'll find out soon enough.

Ending: Lyria

Cards: Sylveon (Power 8) and Glaceon (Power 7)

17. Mountain of Troubles! Cold Cold Climb!Edit

The climb up Frigid Mountain continues as the group gets tired, but Ha-Chan gets really exhausted, causing them to stop. While they rest, Ha-Chan thinks that with her small legs she is slowing everyone down and tries to keep climbing alone, but she is soon exhausted. However, Gotchuknow attacks her with a Crystamon, but she doesn't have the strength to even transform. Luckily, the other cures come to battle. Ha-Chan talks with Lillie about how she's slowing everyone down, but Lillie lets her know that they all need a rest every now and then. After the battle is over, the group finally reaches the peak, but Ha-Chan slips and events lead to everyone getting stuck in a giant snowball and slide down to the bottom of the other side. Ha-Chan realizes that she doesn't slow them down, she speeds them up.

Ending: Ha-Chan

Card: Froslass

18. Village of Ice, Rest up now!Edit

The only way left to reach New Island is past the White Blanket Valley where a small hill leads to a field that lead toawrds the beach. However, Mimmy starts to get really sick. Luckily, the valley is home to a village of Ice Pokemon, who let the group rest as they care for Mimmy. Mimmy knows the mission is important, but she feels too weak to get up and falls asleep. She dreams about the times with her best friend, but also how she never knew her family, her home, and why she doesn't use attacks most of the time. The next day, Mimmy wakes from her sleep, fully recovered. She wonders why her friend kept secrets from her and she never thought much about it. However, Jigglypuff and her final playmate, Zoe the Zorua come with a Crystamon and begin to destroy the village. Mimmy changes to Cure Liechi, despite still feeling a little sick. Jigglypuff and the Crystamon attack, but Zoe mysteriously won't attack her. After the battle, Mimmy changes back and is still a little woozy. Later that night, she wonders more about her friend Cherry and Zoe. Yet, they are different, they seem the same in a way. But how can that be?

Ending: Mimmy

Card: Jynx (Ice Delegate)

19. Field of Sparks! Do Your Best, Precure!Edit

The group finally gets out of the cold, but now there's a large field of tall grass in the way, which gets them lost. Yet, they follow a shower of electricity to find a small clearing with electric Pokemon watching a spat between a Plusle and Minun. One of the little Pokemon states that one of the resident Pokemon has disappeared and the fighters are blaming each other since they last saw him. Ayumi decides to try and find out what happened to him and help the two friends make up. Unfortunately, Zebu appears with a Crystamon and attacks the Pokemon. The group transform and attempt to attack. Both the Plusle and Minun hear how Zebu was attempting to find more Electric Pokemon and was behind the missing Pokemon's disappearance. The two use their cheering power to use Helping Hand to give the Precure more power. Afterwards, the friends apologize and make up. The electric Pokemon thank the group by giving them an escort to the beach. Ayumi knows that it's better to be friends than enemies, especially when times are rough.

Ending: Ayumi

Card: Pachirisu

20. Surf's Up! Cure Ocean's HomelandEdit

Finally, the group reached Lapras Beach, the place where many Lapras live. However, Manami warns everyone that since Shadow Mewtwo took over, the entire ocean became his empire, which makes this journey dangerous. Luckily, a small group of Lapras hiding nearby hear them and offer them a ride. Later, as the group rides with the Lapras, while Manami swims beside them, the Lapras tell them how they heard about the wonders of the PokePoke Precure. They believe they can free the oceans so everyone can be free to Surf, Dive, and play as much as they want. Manami wants it to happen just as much and thinks about how the Pokemon in the water are living in fear and despair caused by Shadow Mewtwo and his army. Lyria reminds her that one day, they'll free the ocean from Shadow Mewtwo's control. However, they are ambushed by Lady Gardevoir and Sir Gallade with their Crystamon and some Water Pokemon. The group transforms, but with the water, only Manami is making effort. The water Pokemon are actually forced to work for Shadow Mewtwo out of fear, yet they see the Precure fighting hard despite being at a disadvantage. They notice that Cure Ocean is not afraid to face them for she exclaims that being together with friends can make you stronger. The Water Pokemon suddenly switch sides and help finish the battle. Sir Gallade and Lady Gardevoir are forced to swim back until Lady Gardevoir remembers she can Teleport (which she hasn't yet). The other Water Pokemon realize that they are stronger than they thought. Now they know that with unity, there is unlimited strength.

Ending: Manami

Card: Milotic (Water Delegate)

21. New Island Invasion! Layla the Shiny Absol!Edit

Finally, the group approaches New Island, but word of their attempt to invade has increased security. Luckily, their new water allies help them sneak in through a secret underwater cave. After they reach the air pocket part of the caves, Ayumi sees two magical orbs wedged in a small rubble. Lyria recognizes them as the Key Stone and a Mega Stone. With security tight outside the cave, Lyria changes to Pirouette Forme and uses small pranks to distract, confuse, and trick the guards into fighting with each others. Thanks to him, the group finally reaches the dungeon to find most of the cells empty. They assume the prisoners were all changed into cards, but they luckily find one prisoner left, Layla, founder of the Poke-Bels. Lyria uses his powers to free her from her cell and Layla happily embraces the group, but the minute they are outside, they are stopped by 7 Crystamon!

Ending: Lyria

Card: NA 

22. Rise of the Mega Precure! Cure Dawn!!Edit

Though they released Layla from her prison cell, the group is cornered by 7 Crystamons. Colonel Malamar figured that no one has to get their hands dirty since he thinks the Precure can't handle that many. Layla is shocked to see the group transform. Lilly, Enen, Hummy, and Gueru explain things to her while the battle's going on. Though they face them one-on-one, the cure are starting to lose. Layla notices Ayumi drop the Mega Stone and Key Stone. Though she has no idea what's going on, she wants to help them in the battle. Suddenly, the stones merge together to make a small gemstone. With the gem's power, Layla changes into Cure Dawn, the cure with the power of Shiny Pokemon and Mega Pokemon. With her help, the PokePoke! Precure unlock their team power and defeat the Crystamons. They managed to gather up the cards and all escape with the Lapras' help just in time. Layla can't believe what she did, but she is happy to be free with those who remained loyal to her causes.

Ending: Layla

Cards: Steelix (Steel Delegate) Tyranitar (Rock Delegate) Lucario (Fighting Delegate) Charizard (Fire Delegate) Greninja (Dark Delegate) Alolan Muk (Poison Delegate) and Mudsdale (Ground Delegate)

23. Winds of Change, A New ContinentEdit

That night, Ayumi has another dream where Dawn appears. She tells them that the other continents are being attacked. Though the large continent of Pallas learns about the unity, the other 4 continents are still fear. The next day, the Lapras take the group to the shores of the continent Maken and bid farewell as the group leaves, but not before the Lapras leader gives Manami a whistle. If they ever need the Lapras again, she blows the whistle that gives a sound only Lapras can hear. Later, they find Jigglypuff "playing" with some scared Hoppip, Cottonee, and Swirlix. She sees the group and uses her Crystamon. The group transforms into precure and begin to battle. Layla starts to feel a bit rusty in her fighting skills, but Ayumi lets her know that her instincts will come in. With help from her old and new friends, Layla finally uses her skills with greatness.

Ending: Layla

Card: Whimsicott

24. Icky Swamp!! Trudging in the MarshesEdit

Maken is known to receive large amounts of rain and for the wet soil, resulting in most of the land to become swampy and marshy. The group tries to cope with the new surroundings as best as possible, but it becomes messy and everything. Unfortunately, Mimmy notices a nest ground of baby Mudkip being attacked by Gotchuknow and a Crystamon. Now they have to face an enemy and muck, but nothing can stand in the way of protecting the babies. Luckily, the parents, who were scared by the armies, appear and join the battle. Little by little, the group help raise the message of unity can conquer fear to more and more.

Ending: Mimmy

Card: Croagunk

25. Cave of Wishes. A New Ally?!Edit

As thanks for saving the baby Mudkip, some of the parents give the group a ride over the swampy waters until they reach the entrance to the Cave of Wishes. The group decide to enter the cave, but they are swarmed by fleeing bat Pokemon. One of the Zubat tells them that Shadow Mewtwo's army is trying to capture the Cave Guardian, causing the group to rush deeper into the cave, but Ha-Chan slips and falls down a steep hole into a small room filled with hay where she meets a Jirachi called Sun-Sun. He tells her that everyone calls him that because he never hibernates like most Jirachi. Ha-Chan is happy to meet the playful little friend, but soon, a hole is blasted as they see the faces of Lady Gardevoir and Sir Gallade. Sun-Sun is actually the Cave Guardian and grants wishes and they want him to grant their wishes. Ha-Chan changes to Cure Mystique and faces their dangerous Crystamon. However, the power of the monster is too much as the cave starts to collapse. Though everyone makes it out okay, the Cave of Wishes falls into a pile of rubble. Ha-Chan gets angry for destroying Sun-Sun's home and defeats the Crystamon. With his home destroyed, Sun-Sun decides to join the group in their adventures. He says that he wanted to get out more often and he wants to stay with Ha-chan to play with her.

Ending: Ha-Chan

Card: Electrode

26. Forest of Mushrooms and Spores!! Find the Miracle Berry!!Edit

Sun-Sun the excited Jirachi has joined the group. Though Ha-Chan doesn't mind at all, some of the others are worried since Sun-Sun has wish powers, making him a valuable target of Shadow Mewtwo. While traveling through Mushroom Forest, an angered Parasect attacks them with Stun Spore, Poison Powder, and Spore at once. Though they manged to calm him down, Sun-Sun took the spore attacks. The Parasect, who is named Gene, apologizes and explains that he got pranked and teased by a Jigglypuff and a crystal mushroom. Meanwhile, Ha-Chan notices that Sun-Sun is getting very sick. Gene tells them that a Miracle Berry can save him. Luckily, the forest has a Miracle Berry tree. Unluckily, Gene heard the Jigglypuff say something about taking all the berries. While Ha-Chan stays behind with Sun-Sun, Gene leads the others to the Miracle Berry Tree. Though there are several mushroom Pokemon guarding the tree, Gene convinces them a berry is needed. Since the Miracle Berries are rare, the mushroom Pokemon recently agree the guard the tree and only give the berries needed. Meanwhile, Jigglypuff the Pink appears in front of Ha-Chan. It turns out, she laid out a trap: she angered Gene knowing he would attack the group with spores; she also said that she would grab all the berries to convince them to hurry together, leaving Ha-Chan with Sun-Sun so she can capture them. Ha-Chan gets angry and changes to Cure Mystique and battles Jigglypuff's mushroom Crystamon. Though she struggles for a while, she states that she'll protect Sun-Sun no matter what. Luckily, the others come and help wrap up the battle. Ha-Chan gives the Miracle Berry to Sun-Sun and he immediately recovers, as expected. Yet, Ha-Chan starts to feel strange, like something she never felt before she met Sun-Sun....

Ending: Ha-Chan

Card: Shiinotic

27. Unite Together!! Hill of Memories!!Edit

After leaving the Mushroom Forest, the group finds the Bay of Hills, known for having several water pools leading down to the bay. Mimmy recognizes this place for her home is nearby. Yet, she sees Jigglypuff and her Playmates harassing a group of Wishiwashi. The group changes into Precure. Yet Jigglypuff summons her Crystamon that suddenly absorbs all the Wishiwashi to become more powerful, except for a little WishiWashi, Willie. The Crystamon gives the Precure trouble and knocks Cure Liechi out. While Lillie watches her, the others continue the fight. Yet, Mimmy dreams of when she was a little tiny Bounsweet and met a Zorua named Zoe. Mimmy remembers now that Zoe changed into a Cherubi and called herself Cherry since the little Bounsweet was scared of her. Mimmy wakes from her dream and suddenly notices that the Zorua who is supposed to be with Jigglypuff is using Protect to defend her against the Crystamon's attack. Jigglypuff gets really angry at her playmate's betrayal. Meanwhile, Willie sees how hard the Precure was battling and suddenly activates his ability Schooling. All of the absorbed Wishiwashi suddenly break free of the Crystamon and help Willie to change to School Form and manages to defeat the Crystamon. Jigglypuff disappears with her 3 other Playmates. Mimmy is shocked that her friend Cherry the Cherubi was really Zoe the Zorua all along. With the truth revealed, Mimmy runs into the Berry Jungle.

Ending: Mimmy

Card: Wishiwashi

28. Friends are No Illusion! Mimmy and the Pidgeot!!Edit

Continuing after the last episode, Mimmy learned the truth for she never had a friend named Cherry: she was really an illusion created by a Zorua. Yet, she won't believe it and runs into Berry Jungle. Meanwhile, the others, joined by Zoe, try to find Mimmy. Zoe tells them that her appearance was so menacing and she only wanted friends so she used her illusion powers to create Cherry the Cherubi. One day, a Pidgeot separated her from Mimmy and she changed back into herself, causing him to drop her, but she got captured by Jigglypuff and was forced to be her playmate. Zoe feels bad that she had a great friend that she lied to from day 1. Meanwhile, Mimmy meets her old foe, the same Pidgeot. Yet, she suddenly doesn't want revenge... . The Pidgeot, named Justin, remembers her but he won't attack because he is too old now. Yet he tells her that the Cherubi he caught turned into a Zorua and he dropped her. Mimmy suddenly remembers that she saw Zoe become a Cherubi and asked her to call her Cherry, and a promise they made to be themselves no matter what they look like or who they are. Her belt of weapons falls off as she falls to the dirt starts to cry. Just then, the others find the two and Zoe comes to comfort her. Mimmy apologizes for not keeping her promise. Later that night, Zoe and Mimmy are shocked to see that Justin says that he'll be gone shortly. Mimmy apologizes for everything for he did not provoke her to be full of revenge, she chose that path. The two stay with Justin in his last moments, knowing that the hurts and lies of the past can be behind them.

Ending: Mimmy

Card: N/A

29. For My Father!! Son of the Great ScizorEdit

After Justin died, Zoe and Mimmy decide to hold a burial. However, the group is interrupted when a Scyther, Manny, appears. He states that his tribe is in trouble. Ayumi tells them that Zoe and Mimmy should stay behind for Justin. However, as they depart, she wonders if she made the right call. They come to area full of Scyther lead by a weary Scizor. The group notices another group of Scyther lead by a powerful Scizor. Manny tells them that the two Scyther Tribes are at war and his father, the old Scizor, wants it to stop. The group comes between the tribes. The rival tribe's leader, Mateo, states that his tribe should own the land. Ayumi asks them if they can unite, but Mateo denies it because he claims that his brother is dead and the culprit is Manny's father. Manny tells him that he will prove that his father is innocent. Mateo takes it as a one-on-one challenge. Tomorrow, they will duel: if Mateo wins, he gets to take over their land; if Manny wins, the tribes shall join together. That night, Manny is nervous, but Ayumi tells him that it's the right thing to do. Manny's father tells him that he must win because he knows that his son is ready to be the new leader. The next day, the duel begins, but halfway through the duel, Gotchuknow interrupts with a mantis like Crystamon. Mateo realizes that his brother was never killed like Gotchuknow told him, Gotchuknow turned him into a Crystamon. The group become Precure, but during the battle, a boulder was lanuched towards Mateo, and Manny suddenly slices it up, saving him. After the battle, Mateo withdraws after learning the truth and seeing Manny's power. Manny tells him that he'll need an assistant in leading the tribe and asks Mateo if he would be willing to help. Later that evening, Mimmy and Zoe come to the tribe land and are given the details on what happened. Ayumi sees how Manny is leading the joined tribe with his father watching proudly. She knows that the right thing can be hard, but it is worth it.

Ending: Ayumi

Card: Scyther

30. Sleeping Beauty!? Kairi's LoveEdit

Mimmy lets the group know that passing through Berry Jungle will lead the way to Diamond Underground: several tunnels where one of them will lead to Sandy Cove. However, Kairi smells a beautiful flower and falls asleep. Mimmy sees the flower is a Sleeping Beauty (a whiff of it will make you sleep for at least 4 hours). Since they can't do anything, Siren carries Kairi on her back as they continue onward. Meanwhile, in her dreams, Kairi finds Frosty, her beloved, yet, he seems sad. He shows her his world called the Digital World. The land is in ruins, the waters are gone, and all the Digimon are petrified. Kairi's love for him broke him free when the world was attacked and allowed to him to digivolve from Frostymon to Alicomon. Kairi sees a vision with a mysterious figure controlling the powerful Yveltal and a Crystamon to destroy the land, but the figure is not Shadow Mewtwo. Kairi realizes that Mewtwo is not the true enemy. Yet, she sees how Alicomon managed to defeat the Crystamon, yet he was weakened and unable to stop the world's destruction, so he fled into her dreams. Kairi promises him that she will help him rebuild his world and bring back life to it. Suddenly, Kairi wakes up with a card in her paw. The others assume that she fought a Crystamon in her dreams, but she knows that with this card, her beloved Frosty trusts her that she'll keep her promise, and she will.

Ending: Kairi

Card: Farfetch'd

31. Until We Meet Again! Best Friends Forever!!Edit

The end of the jungle is coming soon, but Zoe tells them that she's staying there. She needs to make up for all her lies and being with Jigglypuff, but Mimmy wants her to come with them and runs off. Lillie finds her and tells her that Zoe will be find. Mimmy realizes this and comes back to say goodbye to Zoe as the group leaves the forest. However, Zoe is attack by Jigglypuff who is going to make her pay. Mimmy feels that Zoe is in trouble and rushes over and becomes Cure Liechi. She hears how Jigglypuff wants revenge, but Mimmy tells her that revenge won't bring what you want. Despite this Mimmy finally defeats the Crystamon. Zoe thanks her and uses Roar to scare off Jigglypuff. The two of them say goodbye one more time as they depart on their separate ways. Mimmy suddenly feels so happy and sweet instead of sour because she knows that she and Zoe will be best friends forever.

Ending: Mimmy

Card: Sawsbuck (Grass Delegate)

32. Diamonds are a Carbink's Princess! Search for the Jewel Princess!!Edit

The group has left the jungle and have made it into the Diamond Underground. However, the normally kind and polite Carbink residents are hopping frantically everywhere. They learn from the elder Carbink that their Diamond Kingdom was attacked by Shadow Mewtwo's Army. In the mist of all the action, their Jewel Princess, Princess Dia the Diancie, has mysteriously disappeared. The group agrees to help them, especially Layla, who is actually an old friend of Dia. During the search, they notice terrible things in the tunnels: many of the diamonds are gone and those that are remaining are starting to disappear. The elder tells them that they were attacked a long time ago and the army stole many of their diamonds that represent their life energy. The group realizes that the Crystamons they were fighting are made with the diamonds that keep this kingdom alive. Layla shows them a diamond that Dia made which was her first eternal diamond because she and Layla became friends. Suddenly, a giant and beautiful Crystamon appears in front of them. They all transform, but they are afraid because if they destroy it, the Diamond Underground will slowly die even more. Suddenly, the Crystamon touches Layla's diamond and she realized that the Crystamon is Dia. With the power of the gem and her friendship, Layla defeats the Crystamon. However, instead of becoming a Sleeping Card, Dia is brought back. Layla realized that they revived her because they used her body as the ferocious Crystamon, but the gem she had allowed her body to heal. Later, the kingdom shows them the way to Sandy Cove. Dia tells them that she'll heal the kingdom and protect it and her Carbink. Layla and Dia bid farewell as the group heads off to Sandy Cove.

Ending: Layla

Card: Diancie (Revived)

33.Sandy Cove Ambush!? Human Again?!!Edit

The group reaches Sandy Cove at last. However, they are ambushed by the army led by Zebu with many different Pokemon but no Crystamons. Though they change, they are more hesitant because these are not creatures under a crystal spell but ones on the wrong side. During all of the craziness, Sun-Sun is captured by Zebu. Cure Sing, Cure Twilight, and Cure Mystique all chase after him while the others deal with the Pokemon. When they managed to catch up to him near a small grotto, the three cures that are really human get a chill from this mysterious place. They suddenly change to their human cure selves and have fearful looks as Zebu is revealed to be Trauuma (From the final All-Stars movie). He states that he was reborn as a Pokemon and joined the army in hopes of gaining power again. He had a feeling that he knew Ayumi and Siren from before. He decided to find out for the grotto is actually the Grotto of Truth which can reveal someone's true form and came up with the plan using Sun-Sun as bait to lure them. However, Ha-Chan tells him to release Sun-Sun if he beats her in a fair duel. Ayumi and Siren warn her that he is really powerful, but they notice that she seems to want to do it. The pair duel off with each other. Ha-Chan struggled in the battle and Trauuma believes that she is not powerful enough, but the girl tells him that love is the true power and pummels him down. Sun-Sun breaks free and flies to her side. He tells her how he has been getting feelings for her and she realizes that this feeling she feels around him is love. Trauuma suddenly unleashes a Crystamon, but they easily defeat it and he flees. However, they realize that they must get to their friends in time.

Ending: Ha-Chan

Card: Luxio

34. Save the Team!! Sand Castle of DOOM!!!Edit

After leaving the Grotto of Truth, the girls revert back to their Pokemon selves. They are afraid that the others couldn't hold off the battle. They soon meet a little Ditto, Gooey, who is more than willing to help them out. They all agree but Siren gets suspicious of his overly friendliness. They hear that the group is being help inside an angry Palossand. They managed to find him after overcoming several troubles. Palossand tells them that they 4 of them took his shovel and demands them to return it or he'll suck away their friends' life forces. The trio face off against only until they see that Gooey has the shovel. He tells them that he stole the shovel before Palossand noticed it was gone and stated that the girls took it. He even led them into those troubles for fun and so the captive members were that much closer to being drained of their life forces. He suddenly changes and reveal himself to be a Crystalmon-like Palossand. He states that he wanted to have Palossand's powers and took the shovel to gain it and make the girls take the blame. They notice that the real one is starting to look weak. He then releases their friends and they all work together to defeat the Crystamon. Afterwards, Palossand (named Castle) apologizes for his behavior and gets his shovel back. Using her Z-Ring, Ayumi sees the card is the real Gooey and he says how sorry he is for all he did. He is really a shy coward, but Siren tells him no coward can say sorry or call himself a coward, but only someone brave and strong. That night, Castle lets the group sleep inside him (with him promising not to suck their life forces). Ayumi dreams of Dawn again. She tells her the next continent to go to: Lumi.

Ending: Siren

Card: Ditto

(Note: The movie adventure happens after this episode)

35. Lumi: The Land I Despise!? Cold Welcome of Kairi!?Edit

The group makes their way to Lumi with help from the Lapras friends. Kairi is not happy to go to Lumi, the continent to the north because her village resides in the winter forests. After a short ride over, the group make it to Lumi and it is really cold there. Luckily, they made it in time to stop Sir Gallade and Lady Gardevoir from launching a Crystamon near a small group of little Pokemon. The group changes and face off. Meanwhile, Kairi changes and meets up with the couple villains who mock her love for a Digimon. Her minds fills up with all the things the others in her village said about Frost Tear, even her own father. This turns into rage and she faces off against them and near the end. Sir Gallade gets hit but Lady Gardevoir watches in shock. Kairi realizes that they are not in true love. Lady Gardevoir denies it and disappears with Sir Gallade. Meanwhile, the group finished the battle against the Crystamon. Kairi knows that the pair don't have true love. If Frosty was attacked, she would not stand in shock, but take the hit for him.

Ending: Kairi

Card: Kingdra

36.  Dream Eater Power!! The Hungry Drowzee!!Edit

While the group sleeps, a mysterious Drowzee approaches Kairi and attempts to eat her dreams, but he is suddenly stopped and is flung far away by some mysterious power. The Drowzee approaches again after a bit of walking, he eats the others' sweet dreams, leaving them with terrible nightmares. Instead of eating them, he goes inside of Kairi's dreams. He is shocked to see her talking to Frosty, a Digimon. Suddenly, the pair noticed him and he realized that Frosty has been hiding in her dreams and protecting her from Dream Eaters. He is launched out and everyone awakes. This Drowzee reveals himself to be Baku. Since Gotchknow is gone, Shadow Mewtwo replaced him with Baku. He launches a Crystamon on them, but they easily defeat it. Baku flees in anger and he reports to Malamar about Frosty....

Ending: Kairi

Card: Munna

37. Fairies to the Rescue!!! Lillie vs. The Toxic Crystamon!Edit

Jigglypuff the Pink creates a powerful monster: The Toxic Crystamon. She unleashes it upon the PokePoke! Precure and all the warriors suddenly fall ill. The fairies all work together to escape and find a hiding place in a forest thicket. Lillie realizes that the antidote to the crystal poison is actually Heal Bell from a Chimecho. The fairies all search for a Chimecho while Sun-Sun, Hummy, and Lillie stay behind to care for the girls. However, Jigglypuff the Pink eventually finds the thicket. Lillie steps up to protect them. Strangely, the poisonous crystals do not work on her at all. Ayumi tries to stand and fight depite feeling weak while Jigglypuff mocks. Lillie tells her that Ayumi has stand strong for her and now it is her turn. Suddenly, her Petal Blizzard disintegrates the Toxic Crystamon until only 4 cards remain. Jigglypuff runs away and the fairies come back with a Chimecho who uses Heal Bell and heals the girls from their sickness. The group begins to wonder a bit about Lillie and what kind of human she is....

Ending: Ayumi

Cards:  Venipede. Nidoqueen, Skrelp, & Salazzle

38. Pink Friendship! Getting Back Together!Edit

The group arrives in Dazzle City, which is actually like a modern metropolis. After they get the tourist fever and see some sights, they find 3 Pokemon girls: Darling the shiny Spring Deerling, Shirly the Igglybuff, and Bunny the Audino, as well as Lolly the Lickitung and Bunny's brother Andy who are guys. Lyria fangirls over them and tells them that the girls are Pinky-Mon, a group of 4 girls who were famous singers and best friends when they were kids. They tell their fangirl that they broke up long ago because their 4th member, a Cleffa, left after a big fight when Lolly wanted to be part of the group. Even if they get on stage, they can't perform without their friend. Suddenly, Mimmy recognizes Andy as the Normal Delegate who avoided capture. Andy tells them that he went into the city when the other delegates were seized. Unfortunately, they are all ambushed by Jigglypuff the Pink and her 3 Playmates. She uses a magic crystal to turn Andy into a Sleeping Card and makes a Crystamon which provokes the PokePoke! Precure to transform. During the battle, Moondancer sees the group and recognizes them. Everyone stops in shock to learn that Moondancer, a Clefairy who is one of Jigglypuff the Pink's playmates, is really the Cleffa member of Pinky-Mon. They are all try to make amends and Jigglypuff the Pink declares Moondancer as a traitor and attempts to attack, but the monster is defeated. Jigglypuff the Pink flees with her two remaining playmates. Pinky-Mon is soon back on  stage with Lolly (stage name: DJ Lollipop) providing DJ skills while the girls sing a new song for all their old and new fans. Lyria enjoys the show so much, the group is shocked when Lyria suddenly becomes two Lyria (One Aria and other Pirouette)

Ending: Lyria

Card: Audino (Normal Delegate)

39. Two!? Lyria and Lyrio!?Edit

Pirouette form (Lyria's male side) Lyrio suddenly appears next to Lyria instead of her changing forms. Everyone wonders how and why it happened. After the concert, Lyria states that music can get her excited and she can change forms back in forth quickly, but Lyrio never appeared beside her. However, they notice that the pair look weak. They each have half of the strength and energy when they were one. The group try to figure out how to get the pair as one again. However, Baku takes advantage of their situation to attack. Though Lyria and Lyrio are weak, they try to stand. It turns out, they both had a wish to see the concert together, which was granted from her energy. The pair embrace each other and realize how close they truly are and unlock a new power: Double Relic Song and defeat the Crystamon. After Baku leaves, Lyrio disappears and Lyria feels her strength again for she is whole again. She discovers that Double Relic Song allows Lyrio to appear with her without energy drains. Now they can battle the enemy together side by side, but they prefer to be close to each other most of the time.

Ending: Lyria

Card: Torchic

40. Battle in the Rain!! Rainbows of Friendship!Edit

After leaving the city, the mood is getting tensed as the group starts to argue with each other. Ha-Chan and Sun-Sun try to help, but the anger becomes to strong. Sun-Sun realizes that they are in the Forest of Rage (a forest that has a strange power of bring out rage in friends). They find Jigglypuff the Pink and her Crystamon as it begins raining. However, the group transforms but they aren't as strong as usual. With help from Cure Mystique, they attempt to resolve their differences and work together to beat the Crystamon. The group decides to get through the forest and make it outside to see the rainbow after the storm.

Ending: Ha-Chan

Card: Dragonair (Dragon Delegate)

41. Message from Arceus?! Good and Bad News?!Edit

One night, while they slept, Baku used a Crystamon to battle in their dreams, but he lost easily. Suddenly, they all have the same dream, which is actually a meeting to meet with the Legendary God Arceus. He tells them that the Tapu Fairies were attacked for the key to the human world, so they split the key and took a piece with them to their homes on the Tapu Islands (4 islands each home to a Tapu Fairy). He wants them to get the key pieces and head for Berry Island to put it back together so they can protect their world and contain Shadow Mewtwo's army from entering anymore worlds. However, either Ayumi, Siren, or Ha-Chan have to return to their world so they can lock the human world entrance on the other side, but that means whoever chooses to go can't come back until the threats are over. Arceus decided to tell them this so they can think about it and asks them to go through Lumi first and handle his task. That morning, they all awaken from the dream. They find a small pouch with an Arceus Amulet inside. They hear his voice in their heads: whoever chooses to return home must touch the amulet and wear it, so they can contact him. The group gets worried about being apart from their friends. Who will choose to return to the human world?

Ending: Layla

Card: Gengar

42. Ice Stone Trouble!! The Evolution of Cure Beloved!!Edit

Kairi comes across an Ice Stone and tries to avoid evolving. She states that she'll grow up if she evolves and she doesn't want to grow up yet. Suddenly, Jigglypuff the Pink, who was spying on them, appears and uses magic to turn the Ice Stone into a strange pendant necklace, which appears on Kairi's neck. Kairi is shocked to see that she isn't evolving. However, she can't transform into Cure Blizzard anymore. The group manage to escape from the enemy but can't get the necklace off Kairi no matter what they try. That night, in her dreams Kairi has a bit of trouble finding Frosty at first and finally finds him. It's because dark magic made her wish to not evolve come true. An evolution stone and everstone fused together creates dark magic that weakens their powers. If she doesn't do something, the pair will never be together. Kairi realizes that her true wish is to be with Frosty as his beloved. She runs to hims only to shatter the necklace and evolves into the Alolan Ninetales. However, the dream is interrupted by a Crystamon X2 attack. Everyone is shocked that Kairi has evolved in her sleep. She holds her true wish to her heart. Suddenly, she transforms into a new Pretty Cure: Cure Beloved and saves the day!

Ending: Kairi

Cards: Umbreon & Espeon

43. Return Home.... Frosty's Arrival?!Edit

Kairi still can't believe that she is no longer a cute Vulpix but a beautiful Ninetales. She feels different in a way, and asks the group to go with her to her village home. The group soon find her home village and is greeted by her parents (Snowmist the Ninetales and Caro the Lucario) and little Riolu brother Ryo. After telling their adventures, her father who once rejected Frosty once again rejects him. Kairi declares that she is devoted to him as he is to her. He tries to talk her out of it, but she refuses to leave her beloved. However, the argument is interrupted by Sir Gallade and Lady Gardevoir with their Super Ice Crystamon. The precure are all frozen except Kairi because they demand to duel with her to show who's love is pure and true. Kairi becomes Cure Beloved and battles the pair. However, their dirty plays take a toll on her. Sir Gallade attempts to finish her off, but suddenly, Frosty appears in front of them all. He uses his special attack "Wind of Devotion" and blows them back and destroys the Crystamon, which the destruction of it melts the ice freezing the others. Suddenly, Frosty de-digivolves from Alicomon to Frostymon. He finally had enough energy to leave Kairi's dreams and defend his beloved and he dedigivolved due to lack of energy. Kairi states that she loves him no matter what and the two share a kiss. But the romantic moment is ruined when everyone sees that Sir Gallade and Lady Gardevoir have kidnapped Ryo. They want Kairi to go to the mountain peak of Mt. Freeze without the other precure to do a rematch to get him back. The pair teleport away and everyone becomes worried about Ryo. Will they manage to save him?

Ending: Kairi

Cards: Avalugg, Cryogonal, Aurorus

44. Family Love is as strong as Beloved LoveEdit

With her little brother's life on the line, Kairi climbs Mt. Freeze to face Gallade and Gardevoir. Meanwhile, Zebu attacks the others with a Crystamon which is easily defeated. Zebu tells them that they can keep the card for the Pokemon inside was the insurance for both Lance and Giselle (AKA: Sir Gallade and Lady Gardevoir) would listen to the army before disappearing. Frosty decides to take the card to Mt. Freeze, but Caro decides to follow him. As the pair trek up the mountain, Frosty tells him the things he told Kairi in her dreams; her love for him gave him the power to digivolve and he gave up that power to save her. Caro realizes how much she loves him and how much grief he caused by sending him back to his world. Meanwhile, Kairi becomes Cure Beloved and faces Gallade and Gardevoir. Pretty soon, as the pair seem to have the advantage, Caro and Frosty arrive. Caro frees the frozen Ryo from his ice prison and Frosty joins Kairi in battle. Suddenly, their love gives him the power to digivolve into Alicomon again and their love defeats Gallade and Gardevoir. The pair await the finishing blow, but Frosty shows them the card from Zebu: their own daughter Ellie the Ralts. Suddenly, the anger and anguish they felt suddenly melt away as the card revives again. The family reunites in an embrace. A while later, the group returned to the village. Since Ellie came back, Lance and Giselle won't cause anymore trouble and decide to stay in the village. As the group depart from the village, Kairi looks back one more time at the village as Frosty (who de-digivolved into Frostymon again) flies by her side.

Ending: Kairi

Card: Ralts (revived)

45. Valley of Seasons!! Shortcut to the Tapu Islands!?Edit

After leaving Kairi's home village, the group find a vast valley each of the 4 seasons in each direction (North winter, East spring, South summer, and west Fall). Layla realizes that this is her home: the Valley of Seasons, which is home to several Deerling and Sawsbuck and also where she started the Poke-Bels. The group hurry down to the valley only to find a giant ring with a portal appear in front of them. Through this portal came Hoopa, who has a message from Arceus, which he forgot to tell them. Only strong love and the powers of Diamond Underground have fully revived only 2 of the Sleeping Cards. He tells them that on the Tapu Islands' central island, Berry Island, is where the 2 final Precure Pokemon live, and their powers can revive the cards and prevent anymore Pokemon from becoming Sleeping Cards again, but only if they collect all the Deligate Cards and the P8 Cards. Suddenly, their chat is cut short when a Deerling and Sawsbuck stampede breaks out. The reason is because a Crystamon is on the attack. The group transforms and try to defeat it but they can't let it destroy so much for the valley represents the world balance in the seasons (too much destruction can bring the world into season chaos). Luckily, Hoopa uses his ring to suck the group and the Crystamon to the desert and they are able to defeat the Crystamon and get the card, which is another deligate. Hoopa sends them back to the valley and he states that he saw that villagers in Kairi's home and the citizens of Dazzle City are spreading their message throughout the continent and he lets them use his ring to go to the Tapu Islands. They bid farewell to Hoopa and begin the search for the first key piece on Bulu's Island.

Ending: Layla

Card: Florges (Fairy Delegate)

46. Bulu, Tapu of Abundance!!Edit

Thanks to Hoopa's shortcut, the group make to the first of the Tapu Islands: Bulu's Island, known for an abundance of nature. When they reach the ruins, they find Tapu Bulu who awaited their arrival, but he states that only one of them can enter and see if they are worthy of his key piece. Mimmy volunteers and enters. Inside, she's sees a restrained Crystamon, which was sent to defeat Bulu. He states that she must defeat it to show her strength. She changes into Cure Liechi and duels with the released Crystamon. It was a hard battle, but she soon defeats it. Bulu recognizes her strength and gives her the Sleeping Card of the Crystamon and his key piece. Later, the group find Hoopa, who whisks them to the next island. After they reach Fini's Island, they hear Hoopa's voice call out to them. He states that as long as they are on the Tapu Islands, he will get them to the islands instantly. 

Ending: Mimmy

Card: Cubone

47. Fini, Tapu of Hope!!Edit

As the group search for Tapu Fini to get the next key piece, Manami feels at home on Fini's Island since there is much water everywhere. However, no matter where they search, they can't find Fini's ruins. Luckily, Manami finds it underwater and Tapu Fini appears from it and rises to the surface. She has a test like Tapu Bulu did, and only one can take it. Manami volunteers since she is the only one who can make the long swim into the ruins. Before they reach the center of the ruins where the restrained Crystamon awaits, Fini tells Manami that she can win if she remembers what her true reason is to save her home. Manami transforms into Cure Ocean and faces the Crystamon. As she battles, she remembers all of her friends playing with her in her home: Aurora the Suicune, Beauty the Milotic, Camo the Vaporeon (different one, not one of the P8), Odette the Swana, and Splash the Lapras. She even remembers her dear mother Mermaid the Primarina. She had no family when she hatched, but Mermaid came to love her as any mother would for her child. She realizes she wants to protect them and all the other water Pokemon who live in her home and gains the power of Transform. She feels her friends and her mother inside of her heart giving her strength and uses Transform to change into their forms depending on what is most needed and defeats her opponent. Fini recognizes her strength and gives her the Sleeping Card and her key piece. Afterwards, Manami emerges out of the water in front of her friends and shows them her fruits of labor. Hoopa appears and whisks them to the next island, Lele's Island.

Ending: Manami

Card: Emolga

48. Lele, Tapu of Life!!Edit

The group are shocked that they were instantly transported to Lele's ruins. Despite looking gentle and sweet, Tapu Lele is wild and tough and she wants one of them to face her 3 challenges. Lyria accepts the challenge and Lele gives her more than enough energy to once again make Lyrio appear beside her. The pair become Cure Aria and Cure Pirouette and enter the ruins and face the waterfall climbing challenge by helping each other when the other is about to fall. Lele then leads them to the maze challenge, but the pair use their smarts to make their way out easily and reach the final challenge, the battle with the Crystamon. They seems to have trouble at first and realize that they must work together to beat it. Once they beat it, Lele heals their injuries and makes them one again. She then gives Lyria the Sleeping Card and her key piece. Lyria returns to the others and they meet up with Hoopa who sends them to island of the leader of Tapu Fairies: Koko's Island. Suddenly, Koko appears in front of them!

Ending: Lyria

Card: Wigglytuff

49. 2 TRIALS!?! Koko, Tapu of Conflict!! (Part 1)Edit

Tapu Koko greets the group when they arrive on her island. However, her challenge involves getting to the ruins through rough lands which can be hard for one. Layla changes to Cure Dawn and accepts the challenge. Uses her wings as boosters, she easily jumps over cracks and gorges. When she finds the path to the ruins, she finds the Crystamon. Using her powers and how she overcame much conflict with help from her friends, she easily defeats it and gets the card. However, when she arrives at the ruins, she is shocked to see Kairi and Frosty coming from the opposite path!

Ending: Layla

Card: Gligar

50. 2 TRIALS!? Koko, Tapu of Conflict (Part 2)Edit

It turns out that 2 Crystamon were sent after Tapu Koko. After Layla left, she asked Kairi and Frosty to show the power of their love and devotion by taking on the other Crystamon; Kairi changes to Cure Blizzard and she and Frosty make their way in the opposite path of Layla's. Despite them getting into a fight, they eventually reach the Crystamon, but their conflict makes it tough. Eventually, they remembered everything they went through to be together again and used their powers to defeat the Crystamon. This is what Kairi and Frosty told Layla when they met at the ruins. Koko appears in front of them and gives them the Sleeping Cards and her piece of the key. Hoopa appears and sends them to Berry Island where the others are waiting. He took advantage of their patience and sent them there already. There, they find the 4 Tapu Fairies who ask them to find the Cure Twins first for they do not know of their power yet. Then, they fly off the shrine in the center of the island.

Ending: Kairi

Card: Alolan Raichu

51. The Cure Twins Revealed!! Total Shock!!Edit

The group must find the legendary Cure Twins (The last 2 Pokemon who are destined to be Precure). They are greeted by an upbeat and lively Ledian named Lucky and her shy but sweet friend Sweet-Leaf the Chikorita. As the pair show them the island, they can't seem to find out which inhabitants could be the Cure Twins. Yet though they are complete opposite with Lucky's upbeat action skills and Sweet-Leaf's quiet smart skills, Lucky and Sweet-Leaf are really good friends and work together well. Yet, they find Junior and Terkeh (the playmates of Jigglypuff the Pink) hiding in one of the trees. They both claim to have betrayed Jigglypuff the Pink by coming here to warn the precure that she is getting the key herself so she can instead use the power given to her by Shadow Mewtwo to rule the human world instead of helping to conquer the world for Shadow Mewtwo. The group wonder about this, but Jigglypuff the Pink appears to them. She is angry for her two playmates betrayal and she demands the key from the Precure or she'll use her Crystamon to destroy them. They transform and do battle until Jigglypuff decides to morph herself into the Crystamon, making it even more powerful. Lucky and Sweet-Leaf watch the group battle and decide to use their Safeguard move to protect them. Suddenly, a Silver Wing and a Rainbow Wing come to them. They are actually the Legendary Twin Cures (Cure Star Beam and Cure Sweet) and they use their powers to defeat Crystamon as they get the card of the last Pokemon Delegate and also the card of Jigglypuff...

Ending: Ayumi

Cards: Jigglypuff the Pink & Latios (Psychic Delegate) 

52. Journey's Only Half Over!! The Key to the Human World!!Edit

The Precure, with their two new teammates, make their way to the shine in the center of the island. There, they find the Tapu Fairies, Hoopa, and Arceus. Arceus tells them that not only one of the 3 humans but one of the ones who passed the trials best must go with them. Out of all of them, Siren decides to leave with Hummy and the Fairy Tones. The only way to choose who goes is if the 5 Pokemon take on the last of the Crystamon. The 5 work together as best as they could and Lyria uses her power to defeat it and get the last of the Sleeping Cards. The 5 then put their key pieces together and Lyria decides that it is her who must go with Siren. The Cure Twins then use their powers to revive all the Sleeping Cards and send them home except for the Power of 8 and Delegates. However, the P8 instead use the chance to turn themselves into the Eevium Z which is given to Ayumi. With this, the key glows and the group gives a sad farewell to Siren, Hummy, the Fairy Tones, and Lyria as they float away in a ball of light into the sky.


When they arrive, Siren becomes Ellen, her human form, and Hummy turns into her normal self. Lyria closes the portal which Ellen locks with the key and then places the Arceus Amulet around her neck. Meanwhile, the Delegates have their meeting as the precure meet with Arceus, Hoopa, and Tapu Fairies. Their journey is only half over. For Shadow Mewtwo has created a new kind of monster using spirits from Frosty's world. Then, the Tapus give Lillie a Tapuium Z and ask her to take care of it. The group is ready to continue their adventure as Hoopa uses his ring to send them back to Lumi outside of the Valley of Seasons. The PokePoke! Precure adventures continue their adventures where they face old and new enemies, find old friends and make new ones. Join them in PokePoke! Precure Crystal!

Ending: Siren

Cards: Leafeon and Flareon

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