Otomura Mei
音村めい Otomura Mei
Alias(es) DJ Mistress

Emissary of Gravity

Race Human
Age 15
Gender Female
Season Pretty Cure (Revamp)
Birthplace Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate September 7, 1998
Eye Color Lavender
Hair Color Purple (Cure Trance)

Dark Violet (Mei)

Family Unknown
Alter Ego Cure Trance
Attribute Pulse
Theme Ego Song Note


Otomura Mei is one of the fan characters of Pretty Cure (Revamp). Her fairy mascot is Bun, and her alter ego is Cure Trance (キュアトランス Kyua Toransu?).


Titled as the "Mistress of Beats", Mei is an astonishing, electronica-loving street smart, who have been called as a "noob". Mei is portrayed mainly as loud-mouthed, ghetto, messy, and mysteriously passionate. She wished to become a DJ and will travel to America, as she is able to create popular and progressive songs; however, her parents are overprotective of her study habits. Her quirky sense of blasted and polyrhythm music adhered her mind with a joyful taste, and Mei is forced to listen to it. She attempts to be in a girly and luxurious mood sometimes, and loves to provoke Nagisa with scornful jokes.


Her family members are unknown though.


Mei have hair with a hint of dark purple or violet; she also have lavender eyes. She is described to have medium-length hair, as her bangs sweep to her right side and curves in the end. Mei is shown wearing a freakish-looking ponytail that sticks out of her hair. Her vestments are designed with a baby-doll shirt with only one strap on her right side, and a print "EXE" on the bottom right. Mei is appearing to sport a pair of wristbands, and a jean-motif miniskirt that is strapped to her shirt. Mei dons knee-length boots that have show laces.

As Cure Trance, Mei's hair develops a drastic appearance, such as her hair, shifted into large, freakish-looking pigtails, and the left side of her bangs are crumpled. Mei's hair color merges into a lighter hue of purple, instead of the original violet color. Trance sports a dress that includes these particles (one of them hangs her Pod Commune).

Cure TranceEdit

Lively sound, emissary of pulse, Cure Trance!
賑やかな音, 脈の使者, キュアトランス!
Nigiyakana oto, myaku no shisha, Kyua Toransu!

Cure Trance (キュアトランス Kyua Toransu?) is Mei's Pretty Cure ego. Given the new Pod Commune, Mei can shout out the phrase "Pretty Cure Palette Wave!"  Thudded in a purple color thematic, Cure Trance is able to gain speed by using roller blades on her soles or her jumps. Trance simply wields the element of gravity, such as releasing a beams of power out of her hands or hanging upside-down. Her charm is a purple, musical eighth note. Before transforming into Cure Trance, Mei needs a purple Prism Stone and Bun's Pod Commune form.


Otomura (西村?)-Oto (?) occurs to be a translation of "sound"; mura (?) translates to village. They are together blended as "sound village".

Mei (めい?)-Mei's name can be written as 芽生. Me (?) is "sprout, budding", before i (?) is "life". They are known to be merged as "sprout life".

Otomura Mei is "sound village sprout life".

Cure Trance is known to be an electronic-dance music, representing Mei's passion for music and her charm.



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