Natsuhime Kumota
夏姫くもた Natsuhime Kumota
Alias(es) The Princess of Fire (title)
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Age 15
Gender Female
Season Heartcatch Pretty Cure Cosmic
Birthplace Hiroshima, Japan
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Eye Color Black
Hair Color Red (Cure Zinnia)

Black (Kumota)

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Alter Ego Cure Zinnia
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Theme Ego Zinnia

Kumota is one of the main Cures of the fan sequel, Heartcatch Pretty Cure Cosmic. Her mascot is Char, who rather to be the oldest and gains fire abilities, and Kumota receives Carrie, as her ability fairy. Kumota's main icon is a red, eight-petaled flower that are curved, and she is titled as The Princess of Fire (火災の王女 Kasai no oujo?). Her alter ego is Cure Zinnia (キュアジニア Kyua Jinia?).


Kumota is portrayed as a hothead, rather, a big sister type of character. Known to be as the muscles of the Heartcatch Cures, Kumota is able to wrestle the repulsive behaviors of the sinister areas. She is a bit too overprotective when the Cures, younger than her, are wandering dangerously.


Kumota becomes a Pretty Cure, after Cure Flower and Cure Moonlight.


Cure ZinniaEdit

The flower that gains the flames, Cure Zinnia!
炎を得る一輪の花, キュアジニア!
Honou o eru ichirin no hana, Kyua Jinia!

Cure Zinnia (キュアジニア Kyua Jinia?) is Kumota's alter ego


Natsuhime (夏姫?) is determined for Kumota's main theme. "Natsu" () is translated to "summer", while "hime" () translates to "princess" (it also have another meaning as "oujo" (王女). The surname bonded to "summer princess", but "princess summer" is mainly to be chosen. Rather than that, it referred to Kumota's title as The Princess of Fire.