Kira Naiya
内野 キラ Naiya Kira
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Age 14
Gender Female
Season Trump Cards! Pretty Cure
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Eye Color Pale Blue
Hair Color Navy (Kira)

Light Blue (Crystal)

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Alter Ego Cure Crystal
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Kira is the secondary protagonist of Trump Cards! Pretty Cure. She is a popular girl at school and loves to dance. She is Aika's best friend. She loves to ice skate with her fairy partner, Dia. Her alter ego is Cure Crystal (キュア クリスタル Kyua Kurisutaru), the symbol of the diamond and holds the power of dance and ice.


Kira is a talented ice skater who can on land and ice. She is very smart and will always help anyone who needs to be helped.



  • Naiya Minomi
  • Naiya Jun


Cure CrystalEdit

"Glistening Ice! Cure Crystal!"
"アイス輝く!キュア クリスタル !
"Aisu Kagayaku! Kyua Kurisutaru!"

Misumi Nagisa (ミスミ渚 Misumi Nagisa)/Cure Guard (キュアガード Kyua Gādoan is the Pretty Cure alter ego of Kira. Kira has the power of music and ice and can change for fighting boots into ice skates when ever needed. Her main weapon is Glistening Snow, a diamond-themed tambourine.



  • Out of the four girls, Kira represents the diamond, as of the major symbols of card suits:

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