Nagakinu Murasaki
長絹むらさき Nagakinu Murasaki
Alias(es) Purple Square

Princess Murasaki

Race Human, Race
Age 16
Gender Female
Season Smile Pretty Cure! Portal
Birthplace Nanairogaoka, Japan
Birthdate July 10, 1997
Eye Color Violet
Hair Color Purple (Cure Faith)

Dark Plum (Murasaki)

Family Unknown
Alter Ego Cure Faith
Attribute Unknown
Theme Ego Square


Murasaki is one of the main Cures from Smile Pretty Cure! Portal. Her alter ego is Cure Faith (キュア フェイス Kyua Feisu?), and her mascot is Croquet.



Cure FaithEdit

The strolling destiny, selfless passion, Cure Faith!
運命ブラブラ, 無私の情熱, キュア フェイス!
Unmei burabura, mushi no jounetsu, Kyua Feisu!

Cure Faith (キュア フェイス Kyua Feisu?) is Murasaki's Cure ego.


Nagakinu (長絹?)-"Nagakinu" is divided into two meanings: "Naga" (長) defines "long", referring to Cure Faith's lengthy hair. "Kinu" (絹) is "silk". They are bonded as "long silk".

Murasaki (むらさき?)- Her name is simply translated as the color "purple", fitting her color scheme. Because of this, she is one of the seven Cures to belong to Nanairogaoka, which literally represents seven, main colors.

Cure Faith is defined as confidence.



Property of Caramel
Square caramel
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