Myoudouin Itsuki
明堂院いつき Myoudouin Itsuki
Myoudouin Itsuki-Cure Sunshine (Official)
Alias(es) N/A
Race Human, Cure
Age 14
Gender Female
Season Heartcatch Pretty Cure!
Birthplace Kibougahana
Birthdate April 5th
Eye Color Yellow (Cure Sunshine)

Brown (Itsuki)

Hair Color Yellow (Cure Sunshine)

Brown (Itsuki)

Family Myoudouin Tsubaki (mother), Myoudouin Gentarou (father), Myoudouin Satsuki (older brother)
Alter Ego Cure Sunshine
Attribute Light
Theme Ego Sunflower

Itsuki is one of the official characters of the Pretty Cure franchise and one of the main Cures of Heartcatch Pretty Cure. Her alter ego is Cure Sunshine (キュアサンシャイン Kyua Sanshain?) and her mascot is Potpourri.


Itsuki is gentle, civilized, and very caring for her friends. She is also shown to be somewhat girly, as she finds many toys to be cute and has fashion desires, though she hid them at the beginning. Everytime she see's Potpourri showing cuteness, she goes (insanely) girly and forget to be calm. Speaking of which, she is usually calmer than Tsubomi and Erika, but nevertheless dislikes seeing her friends suffering or in pain. Like Tsubomi, she has a more calm and caring personality; Erika's lively and care-free manner contrasts sharply with both of them.Itsuki appears to be a gentle, handsome, and athletic girl with a princely demeanor who attacked many subordinates and fans. At the beginning, Tsubomi developed a temporary admiration for Itsuki until discovering her female gender.


Itsuki in her civilian appearance has brown hair cut into a short boyish style with the tips fanning out a bit with straight bangs, and has brown eyes. In school she wears the boys uniform instead of the girls uniform in order to conceal her real gender. In later episodes she does wear the girls uniform and has allowed her hair to grow out. Her casual clothes consist of a yellow dress with orange trim and a pictures of an orange bow on it, dark blue leggings and white tennis shoes.

As Cure Sunshine, her hair turns yellow and changes length drastically and is pulled into two twintails tied with orange ribbons and orange blossoms attached, and her eyes also changed to a yellow color. Her outfit is a two-piece midriff-baring set in white with orange trim. The top of her outfit has puffy sleeves and a large golden bow on the chest with a green and silver brooch at the front. A orange ribbon is tied around her neck and forms a bow in the back. The skirt of the outfit has a top white layer consisting of several panels, and underneath that is another layer of golden-orange fabrics made to look like petals. The waistband of the skirt is orange, has pale yellow flowers attached, and forms a v-shape revealing her navel. Her boots reach up to under her knees and are trimmed in orange with ribbons lacing up in the front and forming bows in the back. She wears an orange wristlet with a petal-like frill around each wrist and a set of gold/orange flower earrings.

Fanon DescriptionsEdit