Motto Also Pretty Cure! (モットーもプリキュア! Motto mo Purikyua!) is a series by SekaiichiHatsukoiigirl678. The series' motifs are about love, music, happiness, and singing. The series initially focuses on all four Cures, Kaibara Kaori, Matoi Hikari, Kousaka Kaede, and Akaike Julia. Their mission is to save Earth and the Garden of Happiness from villians.  

Motto Also Pretty Cure

モットーはまたプリキュア!(Motto Mo Purikyua)

Director SekaiichiHatsukoii678
Original Run January 6 - ongoing (Spiritually)
Episodes 51
Predecessor                -
Successor                -
Opening Song   !~Motto Also! Start~!
Ending Song

~Motto Also Memory~

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