Misumi Nagisa is the alternate timeline counterpart of the original timeline Misumi Nagisa. She is main antagonist from Singular Rider S: Pretty Cure (season 2 only), Power Rangers/Super Sentai movie (where the Rangers/Shurikijyugers lost the battle against her) and it's prequel as well the filler arc episodes, but she actually Samuel Nakaoka's fatal lover. Her alter-ego was Cure Black before becoming a Dark Rider Kamen Rider ♁ (Seventeen in name).


Intially, she is cheerful, but girly conscious and tomboy as Samuel Nakaoka looked her. However, after failing Cure Exam, she is became coldhearted and resentful person as the futuristic alternate Samuel Nakaoka looked her in suspicious. She keeps failing grades and violently penalties for been late as well negative habits, but Samuel Nakaoka protecting her and giving her a food. After thrown to the asylum as Samuel Nakaoka's shocked in horror and escaped from it, she became insane and vengeful poverty person which is used Decadriver after she mysteriously traveled to main timeline.


Past LifeEdit

Singular Rider S: Pretty CureEdit

Becoming Dark RiderEdit

Cure BlackEdit

Kamen Rider ♁Edit

After failing the Cure Exam, she escaped the asylum causing her insanity and loses control of her anger, she became evil Kamen Rider by using the Decadriver. Her Rider Form was completely resemblance of Kamen Rider Decade only recolor is black and visor is red.

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