Milk/Mimino Kurumi
ミルク /美々野くるみ Miruku/Mimino Kurumi
Alias(es) Milk-chan
Race {{{race}}}
Age 3 (Milk)

14 (Kurumi)

Gender Female
Season Yes! Pretty Cure 5
Birthplace Palmier Kingdom
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Eye Color Violet-Red
Hair Color Pink (Milk)

Violet (Milky Rose) Purple (Kurumi)

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Alter Ego Milky Rose
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Theme Ego Blue Rose

Kurumi is one of the official characters of the Pretty Cure franchise and one of the official Pretty Cure mascots. Her alter ego is Milky Rose (ミルキィローズ Miruki Roozu?).


Milk is a white-and-pink lop rabbit who debuted in Yes! Pretty Cure 5.She ends her sentinces with -miru. Unlike Coco and Natts she was unable to transform into a human. She takes her role as caretaker seriously, along with most other things. Most of the time, she is seen nagging with Nozomi because of the latter's goofy attitude. However, Milk learns to have faith in Pretty Cure, and has a strong urge to help them whenever they are struggling.


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Mimino Kurumi is an official character from Pretty Cure.

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