Lovely Pretty Cure! (ラブリープリキュア! Raburi Purikyua!) is the first new Pretty Cure series created by User:BellRose~. The themes for the show are Fashion, Cards, and Music.


Prism Kingdom was attacked by Tenebrarum. Kaguya Hime, the princess of Prism Kingdom, is in fact a Pretty Cure, but unable to defeat the enemy alone, she has fallen behind the others and is in a quite a terrible situation. Then, on her quest to find a partner, she meets Aika Minami (Cure Symphony) and they begin to battle the enemy together. They are then joined by Mizuki Yuki (Cure Moon) and the mysterious Cure named Cure Mystery.

Pretty Cure

Aika Minami (みなみ 愛佳 Minami Aika) - She is one of the main characters of this fan series. She has a bright personality , excels at sports, and school work. She is also very popular at her school. Aika likes playing the piano, violin, and singing. She has a boyfriend named Takumi Mihama. Her alter ego is Cure Symphony.

Kaguya Hime (かぐや姫 Kaguya Hime) - The Princess of Prism Kingdom. She transferred to Aika's school as a new student for the search of a Precure partner. She is a shy person, but her personality turns strong and confidence when she is Cure Star. She and Aika become best friends since they first met.

Mizuki Yuki (由紀みずき Yuki Mizuki) - She is the student council president at Aika's school. She has a serious and friendly personality. Mizuki is good at school work but bad at sports. Her alter ego is Cure Moon.

Cure Mystery - She is a mysterious Cure who always appears when Cure Symphony and her friends are having trouble defeating the Kanashimi. Shs has her own mascot named Myst.

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