Lost Pretty Cure (ロスト プリキュア Rosuto Purikyua) is a pretty cure fan story created by CureKanade. This series will be darker then the original series. This series is aimed between 13 to 18 year olds.



Pretty CureEdit

Yoru Kage (影 夜 Kage Yoru) is a kind girl but has a short temper. Her mother, Kasa Kage, and twin brother, Yabun Kage, also known as Shade, is her enemy and lives with her father in an apartment. Her alter ego is Cure Shadow (キュア シャドウ Kyua Shadō) and controls the power of moonlight and her theme colour is pale pink and lilac.

Agaru Hisakata (久方 上ル Hisakata Agaru) is an intelligent fifteen year old girl and loves reading and anime. She is Yoru's best friend and looks after her and her father when they ask for her help. Her alter ego is Cure Floral (キュア フローラル Kyua Furōraru) and she controls the power of flowers and her theme colour is blue and gold.

Meiro Yamabiko(山彦 迷路 Yamabiko Meiro) is a famous idol of japan and has asthma. She loves giving people riddles and gossiping. She loves doing dares and getting into trouble. Her alter ego is Cure Labyrinth (キュア ラビリンス Kyua Rabirinsu) and she controls the power of illusions and her theme colour is red and white.


Enter (エンター Entā) is the only mascot of the pretty cure team and is a wolf-like fairy and his human alias is Hairu Ōkami (狼 入る Ōkami Hairu). He has a calm personality and serves as the girls mentor.

Sayaka Aida (相田 さやか Aida Sayaka) is Yoru and Agaru's best friend who finds out they are pretty cure when she is attacked by Shade a.k.a Yabun. She is a sporty, outgoing girl who loves cuddling Enter and likes kidnapping him from time to time and is the first to find out that he has a human form.


Kasa Kage (影 笠 Kage Kasa) is the mother of Yoru's. She is said to be the leader of Easter.

Yabun Kage (影 夜分 Kage Yabun) is Yoru's twin brother.

More Easter commanders coming soon'

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