These are all the episodes from Sonic Precure. Even a Special movie

1. Attack of the Silent Sleepers!! Drawn to Cure Attract!!

During a battle with Dr. Eggman, Sonic and his friends are attacked by the evil Silent Sleepers. Though few escaped their planet Mobius to the planet Earth, Sonic unfortunately got captured by the Silent Sleepers leader, Queen Black Sun. Luckily, the voice of a fairy calls to his spirit and guides him to the dreams of the unique Pretty Cure. This was not unnoticed and General Sandman has the Queen's Dream Seekers search the dreams of the Pretty Cure until they find him and take the dreams he's not in. Though the group makes a startle among the crowds, Mana (aka: Cure Heart) convinces them that they are not harmful. However, Snoozer, the first of the Dream Seekers, later attacks her, and creates a White Wolf Samael that devours her dreams. Amy tries to help, but then a strange item (The Emerald Locket) with an upbeat fairy named Smoochie appears. Amy uses this power to become Cure Attract and saves the day.

Pretty Cure featured: Cure Heart

2. Where to Stay? Watch out for  Dream Seekers!!

As thanks for saving her, Mana summons Cure Miracle and Cure Magical. They cast a spell on the Mobius group that makes them appear as humans in the eyes of the innocent (exceptions are the Silent Sleepers, Precures, and each other, however, it won't work at all if they become precure like Amy did). Now they just need to a place to stay until they can go back to their home planet. After viewing a few houses, Mana invites them to Fashion Rocks! (the annual music festival that combines both a fashion show and a rock concert). That night during Fashion Rocks!, Star, the second Dream Seeker, attacks super-model Kirara (aka: Cure Twinkle). While Star steals the spotlight, Amy becomes Cure Attract and the people watch the battle against Cure Attract and the Chic Guitarist Samael. Later, Kirara thanks Amy and her friends by giving them the perfect place to stay and she'll handle the rent, as long as they pay the other bills.

Pretty Cure featured: Cure Twinkle

3. A Caring Heart. You Can Do It, Cure Bunny!!

Before the group can stay at their temporary home, it has to be fixed up a bit and refurbished which Cream and Charmy are too young to do. Luckily, Mana takes the pair (along with Blaze and Amy) to the mansion of her friend Alice. During their time there, Alice and Cream get along very well as they seem to be very alike. However, Frigid, the third Dream Seekers, spoils their fun and attacks Alice, who is really Cure Rosetta. Cure Attract comes to the rescue, but the Clover Debutante Samael wraps her up like a bag worm. Cream steps up with her Chao Cheese and determination to save her friend. Suddenly, another Emerald Locket comes to Cream and she becomes Cure Bunny who saves the day.

Precure featured: Cure Rosetta

4. 3 Cats of a Kind!! The Burning Purple Flames of Cure Violetta!!

Preparations are still going on for the group's temporary home, so Cream, Charmy, Blaze, and Amy are still staying with Alice. While out for a walk in town, Blaze meets Hummy and her friend Ellen. The 3 have something in common, they all have cat instincts. Ellen tells Blaze about how back when she was Siren and under Minor Land's control and became Cure Beat to save her friend Hummy. However, Frigid attacks Ellen and freezes Hummy in his sleeping ice block. Blaze uses her fire power to try to stop him, but is stopped by the Black Cat Samael. But Blaze doesn't give up and a warm light comes to her as a Vivi the cat fairy and the third Emerald Locket, which allows her to transform into Cure Violetta. It was a rough cat fight, but Cure Violetta triumphed and melted Frigid's chances at victory away.

Precure featured: Cure Beat

5. The Denial of a Mother?! Cure Bunny Leaves?!

The house preparations are finally finished, and now the Mobius group can stay at the house. Amy fills the others in and are shocked that Blaze and Cream are now Precure. Unfortunately, Vanilla, being Cream's mother first, knows  that Cream will be in danger and tells Amy that Cream can't become Cure Bunny. So Cream gives her locket to Amy who sees sadness in her eyes. Later, the group heads out to see a soccer game. Before the game starts, Vanilla sees one of the players playing with her younger siblings and notices how close they are and how she's more of their mother but also their big sister and their best friend. Unfortunately, Star stops the game, trying to be the star again, only to have balls kicked at her. She then attacks that same player, who is really a precure and creates a Grassy Soccer Ball Samael. Vanilla decides to see if Cream can handle this and let's her join her friends in the battle.

Precure featured: Cure March

6. The Masked Cure Sky!! What's Our Team Name?

A girl named Hikari was out for a stroll when Snoozer attacks her because she is Shiny Luminous. The girls come to save her but have trouble with the Trash Tree Samael. Luckily, a precure in a mask and hooded cape comes to save them and defeat the Samael. This precure is the silent Cure Sky and their partner Muffy the fox-ferret fairy. However, they both disappear. That evening, the girls decide to come with a team name tonight and find out who Cure Sky is tomorrow. In the end, they decided to be the Sonic Precure, but the search for Cure Sky failed.

Precure featured: Shiny Luminous

7. Resurrection of a Flower! Cure Sprout Blooms!!

After being out in town, Tails comes home with a flower that resembles Cosmos, a plant alien girl he fell in love with but is now dead. Mana comes up with an idea and lets the Sonic Precure girls meet the fairies of the Heartcatch Precure and well as Tsubomi and her Grandma. With the seed contain Cosmos' remains, the Heartcatch fairies, Tsubomi, and her Grandma use their Precure flower power to try to enchant the flower. However, Frigid interrupts and attacks Tsubomi. The Sonic Precure try to beat him and his Cactus Pot Samael, but suddenly, the flower grows and blooms with a beautiful light. Inside is Cosmos who becomes Cure Sprout with the power of the 4th Emerald Locket and the flower fairy Rosie.

Precure featured: Cure Blossom and Cure Flower

8. Tails and Cosmos together. Lost Cure Dream (part 1)

Cosmos was resurrected with help from the 4th Emerald Locket and the power of the Precure, which allowed her to become Cure Sprout and for Rosie to be born. She and Tails decide to spend time alone together in the park. During the time together, the love between the young lovers blooms ever brighter than before. However, their happy walk is interrupted by Snoozer who is battling with Cure Dream, but she loses her dreams to him. He creates a Bronze Warrior Samael from a statue. However, the statue represented a man who was a leader. With that instinct, he eats the dreams of Cure Dream and runs off. Will the Sonic Precure catch him before Snoozer does?

9. Tails and Cosmos together. Lost Cure Dream (part 2)

The chase is still on as the Sonic Precure try to catch the Samael who has the instincts of not listening. However, the 4th and final Dream Seeker, Dreamer comes in on a cloud and slows the Samael down. Is this Dream Seeker dangerous and will the Sonic Precure save Cure Dream?

Precure featured: Cure Dream

10. Sticks is Cure Coconut?! Behavior is Necessary!!

The Silent Sleepers haven't attacked for a week, leaving a bit of freetime for the group. However, Amy feels embarrassed by Sticks' feral antics in public and tries to teach her not to be feral. When the paranoid badger finds out why, she runs away with Amy chasing her until they accidentally ran right in the middle of a volleyball game. Which was already stopped by Star and was attacking with her Hot Ball Samael. Amy becomes Cure Attract, but can't seem to handle the rough play this monster has. Sticks tries to help out with her more athletic skills and doesn't let the fire of the ball stop her. Suddenly, the 5th Emerald Locket and a pair of Kangaroo fairies (Shelia and Joey) come to her. Sticks becomes Cure Coconut who uses her boomerang to score the game point.

Precure featured: Cure Sunny

11. The Light of a Princess. Cure Spirit Shines Bright!!

One night, an orange-blue light streaked across the sky. In the forest, the light is revealed to be a water shape-shifting fairy and a young girl. The next day, Knuckles meets the same girl and her fairy while out around town. Her name is Tikal and she has the 6th Emerald Locket. Before he can take her back to the temporary home, they find Frigid attacking Cure Sunshine and uses his Teddy Flower Samael to create terror. Tikal becomes Cure Spirit and holds them off just in time for the rest of the Sonic Precure to aid her.

Precure featured: Cure Sunshine

12. Friend or Foe? Cure Sky vs. Star!!

Star has been researching drama and acting, claiming to have a plan that will stop the Sonic Precure. Meanwhile, the girls are still trying to find out who is Cure Sky and why this cure and fairy Muffy keep appearing and disappearing. Later, they notice Cure Sky jumping across building and attempt to follow this cure. Pretty soon, they find themselves at the beach and notice that Cure Sky is attacking Cure Berry, and that there's a second Cure Sky. With the Berry Wig Samael, one of the Cures is revealed to be Star who challenges Sky to a one-on-one battle.

Precure featured: Cure Berry

13. Amusement Park Fun!! Cosmos and Cure Sky!?

Mana tells the group that an amusement park is in town, and got free tickets since her family's restaurant is going to have a stand there, so she invites the group (and her friends from DokiDoki) to the park. The park is full of excitement and lots of fun. However, Cosmos and Tails get lost and can't find each other either. Cosmos finds a girl who is lost too, but they are attacked by Frigid, because the lost girl is Cure Peach. Cosmos becomes Cure Sprout and battles Un-Merry Steed Samael when Cure Sky joins in the fight. Yet, when the mask falls off, only Sprout sees who the mysterious Cure Sky is....

Precure featured: Cure Peach

14. The Diamond Wings of Cure Wings!! The True Jewel!!

During a break-in at jewelry store, Rouge encounters Snoozer, who wants her to join the Dream Seekers or he'll set the alarm. Luckily, Rouge refuses and flees. However, the others are mad at her for stealing from the jewelry store, but she claims to be "treasure hunting" for beautiful gems. Yet, when she comes back after having lunch, she discovers that Amy took her stolen jewels back to the store, with a story that the jewel thief dropped it accidentally while avoiding identity. Rouge tries to find her, but meets a girl who was looking for her friends. Yet, Snoozer returns and tries to make Rouge reconsider his offer (even by admitting that he fell for her), but she tells him "Never!" Snoozer attacks this girl for she is Cure Passion and creates a Stop-Bush Samael. Rouge tries to run, but is saved by the Sonic Precure and she sees that she doesn't need jewels but friends to be happy. Though she was a thief, they still became her friends. Then, the 7th Emerald Locket comes to her along with the red bat fairy Ruby. She becomes Cure Wings and stops Snoozer by 'beating around the bush.'

Precure featured: Cure Passion

15. Night Robbery in Progress! Stand up, Ruby!!

Rouge hasn't learned her lesson about crimes and tries to stop her from trying to seek out a pet collar made with real diamonds at an animal hospital. Ruby tries to stop her, but Rouge keeps at it. During closed hours, Rouge breaks in and tries to find the cat with the diamond collar, unintentionally waking Inori, who is staying overnight with the cat. Ruby gets so fed up that she yells out Rouge which upsets the animals and Snoozer who tried to find peace and quiet by sneaking into one of the empty rooms. He takes his anger out on Inori, who is actually Cure Pines, and creates a Get Sick Card Samael. Rouge becomes Cure Wings and chooses to help Pine over a chance to get the cat collar. Later, she claims that she realized that Ruby was a bat not a cat...

Precure featured: Cure Pine

16. Sticks at a Gala!? Try to be a Lady for Amy!!

The Blue Sky Kingdom is holding a Precure Gala for Precure members, their fairies, and friends who keep their secret. Amy, Shelia, and Joey try to teach Sticks how to be a lady again. Sticks refuses to be proper after the incident at the Awardee Awards Gala. But she decides to try to do it for Amy. At the gala, Sticks does a good job being like a lady but she doesn't have fun until she meets Princess Hime who is not a proper princess. Hime tells her that she maybe a princess, but she is still herself. When she teaches her some ways to be herself but not be feral, Sticks still has fun. However, the party is crashed by Star who attacks Hime (Cure Princess). She tries to use her Asparagus Punch Samael to get the other Precure girls, but Sticks becomes Cure Coconut and defeats the Samael before anyone did anything. Sticks prove that she can be her own precure.

Precure featured: Cure Princess

17. Espio Makes a New Friend. She’s Cure Fortune!?

Espio joins the local dojo to train his ninja skills. While there, he is teamed with Iona, one of the best students at the dojo. She teaches him karate skills and he teaches her some of his ninja techniques. That night, Vector notices that Espio has a crush on a girl since he shows all the signs. The next day, Espio meets with Iona to talk with her only to have the moment ruined by Star who reveals that Iona is actually Cure Fortune and takes her dreams. Though the Sonic Precure arrive to help, Espio holds them back because this fight with the Ninja Samael became personal!

Precure featured: Cure Fortune

18. Lovely’s Dreams Taken!? Sonic Precure Failed?!

Espio and Iona are still hanging out together and she introduces him and the others to her friend Megumi who is also Cure Lovely. However, all the Dream Seekers attack at once with a mysterious boy named Darkous, who has brought several Samael with him. Dreamer immediately leaves since she wants to sleep back at the Quiet Citadel. The battle was rough, but unfortunately, though several Samael were defeated, the Dream Seekers take Lovely's dreams and escape. Does this mean the Sonic Precure have failed.

19. Save Cure Lovely!! Into the Quiet Citadel!! Dream Seekers Last Stand!!

Along with Fortune, Heart, Princess, and Honey, the Sonic Precure head to the Silent Sleepers' Hideout, the Quiet Citadel. Meanwhile, Snoozer, Frigid, and Star learn that they have one last chance to destroy the Sonic Precure or else they will be replaced by a group called the Fright-Dare-Devils. As the group trudge up to the throne room, the 3 Dream Seekers used their new dark powers to hold them back. Luckily, Cure Sky came along and uses their own broach lockets (that has the Master Emerald inside it) and grants the Sonic Precure a temporarily upgrade and uses their own team attack: Rainbow Chaos Boom! Suddenly, their powers disappear and are horrified to see that the attack destroyed the 3 Dream Seekers....

20. Cure Attract and the Super Blue The Love of Her Dreams!!

Muffy tells the Sonic Precure that they can do their team attack once they discover the powers inside their heart before she and Cure Sky disappear. When they reach the throne room, they find the rest of the Samael from their battle (episode 18) and that Lovely's Dreams are going to be destroyed. Cure Attract tries to reach the dreams while the others hold off the Samael, but is soon met with Darkous. His powers holds her off, but she shows determination and receives her Super Upgrade: Blue Hearts. In the end, the group escapes with Lovely's Dreams and manages to save Megumi from death.

Precure featured: Cure Lovely

21. Looks Similar, but Opposite Attitudes!? Cure Muse and Cure Bunny!! New Enemies!?

Cream finds a girl who is a few years older than her, Ako. Yet, unlike her happiness and sweetness, Ako is cold and bitter and a bit too honest. Cream tries to change that about her, but gets annoyed by the coldness. Suddenly, Livie, the first of the new seekers called the Fright-Dare-Devils, attacks Ako and creates a Ice Music Note Samael. Cream is a little hesitant to battle, not because she's scared of this new enemy, but how Ako rejected her kindness. Then Cream remembers that everyone deserves kindness, not matter who they are. She then unlocks her Super Upgrade: Yellow Butterflies and saves the day. Later, Ako finally accepts her friendship.

Precure featured: Cure Muse

22. Purple Flowers and Flames Together!? A Sign of New Life

Blaze is still worried about her planet home and hopes that her citizens are okay. She then meets Yuri, who told her that things will get better soon. Blaze senses that she has the power of flowers within her, which counters her power of fire. Yuri tells her that Fire may kill flowers, but the remains will create stronger and more beautiful flowers to grow. However, their time together is interrupted by Bob-Boom, the second member of the Fright-Dare-Devils. He takes Yuri's dreams and creates the Flaming Stick Samael. Blaze watches in horror as it starts destroying flowers and wildlife. Blaze picks up a wilting purple petunia and remembers that fire should be seen as a sign of new life and not a killer. She activates her Super Upgrade: Purple Flames. Afterwards, she and Yuri plant flowers, trees, and plants so the next generation of plants can grow in place of the destroyed so new lives can begin again.

Precure featured: Cure Moonlight

23. Am I a Princess? Cure Sprout and the Cure Felice!!

Cosmos wonders about her kind and has several bits of amnesia from when she lived on the planet. She soon meets and befriends a girl named Ha-Chan. They both wonder about their flowery births. Yet, they realize that they have the beauty of flower princesses. They both decide to be their own flower princess, until the witch Winona appears, the third of the Fright-Dare-Devils. She attacks Ha-Chan and creates a Poison Ivy Witch Samael. Cosmos tries to attack but she remembers more about her past life, but she decides to put it behind her. She doesn't need to find her kind now, but she has everything she truly needs. Suddenly, she receives her Super Upgrade: Green Ivy Vines. Afterwards, Ha-Chan decides to enjoy her life now and figure out why she was born when the time comes.

Precure featured: Cure Felice

24. Wild and Wet!! Chaos’ White Water Chase!!

The fairies are having trouble with people not noticing them and have to work on not being noticed. During practicing, Chaos accidentally falls into the sink and ends up on a wild water adventure. Tikal and the girls try to find him by splitting up, searching everywhere with water. Luckily, Chaos is save from the rapids by a kind girl named Karen. Eventually, Tikal and Karen meet up and Chaos and Tikal are reunited but the happiness is destroyed by Bob-Boom. He reveals Karen to be Cure Aqua and steals her dreams. Tikal is horrified to see the Wild Water Samael is using water to destroy life instead of nourishing it. With Chaos by her side, she become Cure Spirit and wipes outs the all-wet Bob-Boom with a nasty sunburn.

Precure featured: Cure Aqua

25. Honey is Delicious!! A Girl Can be Wild!?

Sticks decides to get lunch at a family restaurant and receives a piece of honey candy from a girl named Yuko while she's there. She soon learns that Yuko may appear calm but she can get really excited at time. Sticks wonders if she can be a girl from the jungle and a citizen at the same time, but she can't handle the stress and leaves to hide. However, her stress will have to wait because the restaurant's under attack by one of the Silent Sleepers. She enters inside to see that Yuko is Cure Honey and her dreams have been taken by Livie. Sticks becomes Cure Coconut and tries to battle the Rice Chopstick Samael. She soon remembers the piece of honey candy and how a girl can be wild and crazy and Sticks decides to be a girl who maybe a total jungle animal but is also a friend who helps others. She embraces her ways as she receives her Super Upgrade: Cyan Waterfall. Afterwards, Sticks help Yuko repair the restaurant and they both enjoy yummy bowls of rice together

Precure featured: Cure Honey.

26. Valentine's Day!! Smoochie, Cheer up Amy!!

It's Valentine's Day and love is in the air, but Amy misses Sonic and falls into depression. Smoochie does her best to cheer up the sad girl. Yet, they receive a distract when Mana comes and tells them that some jerk is breaking the hearts of teen girls. Amy may feel sad on Valentine's Day, but she won't let this guy ruin this day for young girls who dream of love. They receive info from the broken hearted girls to where he is until they find the jerk who is flirting with Milk, a fairy who became a human and Milky Rose. They catch him and he reveals himself as Jimmy, the final member of the Fright-Dare-Devils. He attacks Milk and creates a Broken Heart Samael. Mana, Smoochie, and Amy are furious with this guy and use their Precure powers to show him what happens when you mess with love and dreams at the same time!

Precure featured: Milky Rose

27. A Robbery is Made!! Rouge is Innocent!!

Someone steals a diamond from the museum, and Rouge didn't do it, even though she is accused. Yet she uses her spy skills and discovers that the heart breaker Jimmy was behind it. However, when she confronts him, he talks about how cute she is, but she doesn't fall for it. Unfortunately, Jimmy suddenly takes her dreams and creates the Diamond Vampire Samael. Luckily, her friends of the Sonic Precure arrive just in time to help her and turn the Samael into diamond dust.

Precure featured: Cure Wings

28. Two Princesses!? Tikal and Cure Flora!!

Tikal meets a girl named Haruka in a field of flowers. She always dreamed of being a princess and Tikal tells her about how she was a princess. Haruka tells her that she still is a princess because true princesses don't need to be born with riches but need to help others in need and be a friend to everyone. Yet, Livie appears and attacks Haruka. Tikal becomes Cure Spirit and tries to battle the Thorny Rose Samael. Livie tells her that she should just give up since the fight is pointless, but Tikal tells her that life has a purpose for everyone, even the villains met in life. Her Super Upgrade: White Sparkles of Time, activate and it wilts the Samael and saves Haruka. Afterwards, Tikal offers her hand to Livie so she can show her that life has purpose. Livie reaches out, but a dark aura stops her and she disappears.

Precure featured: Cure Flora 

29. The Melody of a Violin. Flying in the Night.

Rouge was out for a night flight but she learns the hard way that the Silent Sleepers' portal jumping ix causing space rifts as she falls into a vortex and ends up in the moonlit Hope Kingdom. She hears a duet of violins and meets with the violinists Princess Towa and her big brother Kanata. Rouge and Towa soon find out that they have a lot in common. They worked for the enemy but are now friends with several friends. Rouge remembers that she must get back to her friends and must find a space distortion to get back. Yet it was a good thing she came tonight because Winona attacks Towa and creates a Shiny Violin Samael. Rouge becomes Cure Wings and tries to stop the villainous witch. Rouge tells her how she was given a second chance to start over as a friend even though she still has nasty habits. She activates her Super Upgrade: Red Rubies and smashes the Samael. She soon finds a way back to the others and bids farewell to Kanata and Towa as she makes it back just as the morning sun rises up.

Precure featured: Cure Scarlet

30. Double Attack!? Attract and Coconut Must Harmonize!!

One is like a lady and one is a wild child. That's what Sticks and Amy are like these days. They are fed up with their opposite attitudes and are constantly bickering and creating cat fights. Yet when Jimmy and Bob-Boom target two Precure at once, Amy and Sticks have to work together so they can unlock team attack of the Sonic Precure.

Precure featured: Cure Melody and Cure Rhythm

31.The Song that Flies Like a Sword. Concert Ruined!?

Mana introduces the group to her friend and super-idol Mako-pi, and they attend her concert. Cosmos and Tikal see that there's a glimmer a sadness in her eyes. The concert is stopped because Mako can't come out. Cosmos and Tikal learn that she still misses her princess, Marie Ange, who is gone forever. They tell her that they know what it's like. Tikal lost several Chao friends and Cosmos lost her people on her old planet. She's the last of her kind now. Mako feels better knowing that she has friends who can comfort her when she wants to cry. She knows that Marie would want her to continue her life to the fullest. Before she begins her song, Darkous appears with Magma and attacks Mako! He creates a Weeping Guitar Samael. As the Sonic Precure battle, the guitar keeps saying Marie since it is in Mako's mind. This causes Darkous to hold his head in pain as he mutters Marie. The Sonic Precure defeat the Samael and save the show. When Darkous disappears, they realize that he maybe the boy who lost a good friend named Marie..... Shadow the Hedgehog!

Precure featured: Cure Sword

32. Am I Useless? Where is Charmy!?

After causing a series of accidents, Charmy feels like he's only around because he causes comical stuff and is cute. Even Cream yells at him, breaking his heart. The next day, he flies away. The entire group goes out to looks for him and separately looks for him. That evening, Charmy is by a hidden beach as he cries in sadness, yet he finds a girl called Erika who is going through similar things who came to the beach to the cry. While comforting each other, they soon realize that they are not useless at all. However, Livie comes and attacks Erika for she is Cure Marine and creates a Super Star-fish Samael. Without the Sonic Precure around, Charmy attacks the Samael by himself and doesn't give up even if he has several injuries and is knocked down several times. Luckily, Cure Sky, as silent as ever, comes and finishes the Samael. Livie gets so upset that she wants to cry. But Charmy and Erika comfort her as she cries in their arms. However, a dark pulse pierces in her as she shakes them off and disappears...

Precure featured: Cure Marine 

33. Once Upon a Time. A Story for Blaze.

Blaze finds a Romantic Tragedy book at the library, "The Burning Cat." A week later, she returns it with tears in her eyes. Suddenly, a cheery girl name Miyuki comes over with several fairy tale books to check out. Yet, she sees the sadness in Blaze's eyes and asks her if she would like to read with her. Blaze listens as Miyuki reads the story of Cinderella and imagines the characters in her head. Miyuki sees the tears in her eyes and sees that she is touched by stories, but the sadness in them seems to relate to love. Miyuki tells her that she'll write a fairy tale just for Blaze because everyone deserves a happy ending. A week later, Miyuki heads to the library with her handmade book "Princess Blaze". Yet, she meets a cute guy with a motorcycle.... Uh oh! Blaze, at the library, waits for Miyuki until she hears the screams of the cheerful girl. She becomes Violetta hurries to the scene to see Jimmy attacking the girl who's also known as Cure Happy. Blaze sees that the Fairy Book Samael is the story that's meant for her. Yet, she summons the courage to protect the smile of the girl who touched her with a storybook!

Precure featured: Cure Happy

34. Time and Space are like Black and White!! Love is Stronger!!

After hearing and receiving the story of "Princess Blaze," Blaze feels like how she feels for Silver will surpass the space and time between them for their love. Later, she tells the story to Silver who feels uneasy about their love. She's from another space and he's from another time. It's hard when space OR time prevents love, but space AND time is bad enough. Meanwhile, the Max Heart Precure girls were out walking when the Dream Seekers, who were revived recently, attack them and place Hikari and the fairies in sleeping ice. Blaze and Silver soon find this and Blaze becomes Cure Violetta to battle the Yin-Yang Hands Samael. During the fight, Silver sees that love doesn't tear space and time but brings it all together. Silver joins in the battle and they defeat the Samael. The revived Dream Seekers tell them that they'll get revenge on the Sonic Precure before they disappear. Blaze and Silver later watch the sunset in the park together as they share a passionate kiss....

Precure featured: Cure Black and Cure White

                            35. Jealousy is Monsterous!! Two Best Friends' Bond!!Edit

Amy notices that Mana has been hiding sadness lately. Sharuru, Mana's fairy partner, tells Amy that Mana's best friend Rikka has been hanging out with a cool guy Johnny recently. Rikka also seems to be purposely avoiding Mana and pushing her away whenever she reaches out. Amy decides to figure what's going on and talks to Raquel, Rikka's fairy partner. He tells them that Rikka is jealous of Mana because of how often she hanged out with Amy and the others a lot and hardly spends time with her anymore. She soon met Johnny and hangs out with him to get Mana jealous. Amy feels guilty for how she feels and goes to talk to Rikka. However, she spies Rikka and Johnny talking and realizes that he is really Jimmy the Heartbreaker. She jumps out and tells her who he is, but she refuses to believe her. Mana coincidentally walks over and hears what Amy said, but Rikka tells her that the two are not friends anymore. Mana runs off with tears and Amy tries to catch up with her. Rikka saw the genuine tears of hurt she gave to her friend and decides to find her. However, Jimmy stops her and takes her dreams.  Meanwhile, the pair of girls hear Rikka scream and transform. They are shocked to see the Samael is an angry monster. Jimmy tells them that he used Rikka to get her jealousy to become a more powerful monster, which gives them a hard fight. Attract gets mad but Heart just feels sad. She spent more time with Amy and others and forgot about her friends. She yells how sorry she is and the monster starts to weaken. Attract is able to defeat the monster and restore Rikka's dreams. Later, the two best friends apologize and make up and accept Amy's invite to dinner at her house.

Precure featured: Cure Diamond

36. Cream is Targeted!?! The Dreams of Dreamer!!

As revealed in episode 34, Queen Black Sun revived the Dream Seekers to have them help with two of her minions, Livie (whom she must place darkness in her to prevent her from opening to the enemy) and Dreamer, but General Blacksand said that he'll handle Dreamer. He tells her to find the dreams of a Precure or else.... Cream and Cheese go out to the park to play when they meet Dreamer on her cloud. She takes Cream's dreams but she sees the beauty in them and gives them back to her. Cream sees that Dreamer doesn't want to do it not because she's lazy, but she hates doing evil things. Dreamer lets the girl see her dreams of a happy world that isn't perfect but it's more like the life of a happy family. Cream and Dreamer become friends now and decide to keep this their secret as Dreamer heads home. However, Cream wonders why she is working with the enemy if she is not being controlled or isn't motivated to do evil....

Precure featured: Cure Bunny

37. A Heart of Cold Ice vs. A Heart of Purple Flames!!

Frigid makes an attack on Blaze and takes her dreams, only to be stopped by Silver who witnessed the attack. Blaze becomes Violetta and demands a dual with Frigid: a dual of fire and ice. During the fight, Blaze and Frigid learn several things and that Blaze once had a cold heart until the power of friendship melted her cold heart. Frigid eventually yields and waits for her to destroy him, but she tells him that they didn't meant to destroy him and the others. He soon touches her hand as his powers and darkness melt away, revealing him to be the Spirit of Ice, Prince Ice. Ice thanks Blaze for saving him as he heads back to his home, his real home.

Precure featured: Cure Violetta

38. Names alike!? Rouge and Cure Rouge!? A Guy's Love

Rouge meets the girl called Cure Rouge and are in wonder of the coincidence. Yet, Snoozer appears and attacks Cure Rouge, only to be stopped by Rouge who became Cure Wings. Snoozer demands to dual with her. The pair dual with each other with speeches made in between. In the end, Wings wins and Snoozer is ready for his death, but she tells him that she never kills a guy who makes life interesting. Her powers heal Snoozer as he becomes his true self as the Spirit of Night: Prince Artimis. He thanks her as he heads back home. Yet, Rouge wonders if they can save the other Silent Sleepers, even Darkous....

Precure featured: Cure Rouge

39. Chaos Steps Up!? Don't Mess with Tikal!!

Sandman is furious with the Sonic Precure for they have released the spirits of the Night and Ice. He sends Star to take out one of the Sonic Precure. Star attack Tikal and takes her dreams. Yet Star uses her magic to create a barrier that's soundproof from the outside. Yet, Chaos is there and uses the white Chaos Emerald to become Chaos 1 as he battles the Ancient Warrior Samael. During the battle, he gets Tikal's dreams back and he gives the emerald back to her. Cure Spirit destroys the Samael and the barrier and prepares to face off against Star, but she sees that Star gave up on her true dreams: living in the sea. Spirit uses her flute and plays "Song of the Sea" as bubbles appear that touch Star deeply and sees that her real dream is involves starfish, not superstars and stars in the sky. The magic of the song washes away the darkness inside her as she returns to being the Spirit of the Sea: Princess Sea Star. She thanks Tikal as she returns to the sea. Yet Tikal realizes that her time as a mortal is almost up....

Precure featured: Cure Spirit

40. Bonked by Sticks!! Jimmy Gets Revenge!!

(This episode contains a bit of mature content) Every girl that Jimmy meets has her heart broken by him. Yet he falls for a different kind of girl, but Sticks teaches him the meaning of heart-break. Jimmy is angry because the one girl he actually likes bonked him and wants revenge. He does several attempts to snag her, but her paranoid actions prevent it. He then tries the nastiest thing a guy ever does to a girl... which he attempts off screen but fails when several bonk sounds are heard. He gives up and does revenge by stealing her dreams. The rest of the Sonic Precure are surprised when they find that they have the dreams, but Jimmy has Sticks and the Boomerang Samael. The girls all teach the jerk a lesson as they save Sticks and dispose of Jimmy... permanently....

Precure featured: Cure Coconut

41. Repel Cure Attract?! Repair Her Dreams!? A Foe's Really a Friend!?

Now that Jimmy's dead and the other Dream Seekers are purified, Sandman decides to get Cure Attract by himself, but Livie is fighting the dark brainwashing and attempts to stop him. Yet he manages to find the Dream Mirror of Amy Rose and the Samael he summons attacks the Sonic Precure. Yet Livie comes in and tries to stop him, but one of his attacks hits Amy's Mirror and shatters it, killing her!! Suddenly, Livie glows brightly with lights as it destroys the Samael and causes Sandman to flee. All the dark pulses inside her disappear as the light repairs the mirror like it was brand new. But this caused so much pain in her body that she starts to die. Amy holds her in her embrace and the power of the Chaos Emerald create a miracle as Livie is revived as Livie, the Maiden of Life.

Precure featured: Cure Attract

42. The Good Witches. Choose Your Side, Dreamer!!

(This episode contains spoilers for the Mahou Precure movie) The spell that makes the group appear as normal humans instead of anthropomorphic animals is wearing off, so Mana summons Cure Magical, Cure Miracle, and Cure Mofurun. They use their magic to extend the spell. Yet, Dreamer appears with Winona who attacks the witches and creates 3 Witch Bear Samaels! Dreamer watches as the Sonic Precure do battle and soon realizes that she's on the wrong side. Her true self awakens and it destroys the 3 Samaels and part of Winona's cape, causing the evil witch to flee. Dreamer is really Dreamer: the Dream Princess who Protects all dreams. She and Livie are glad to be good at last. Yet, unlike the other Dream Seekers, they can't go home. The group agrees to protect the two until they stop the Silent Sleepers.

Precure featured: Cure Miracle, Cure Magical, and Cure Mofurun

43. A Day at the Beach!! Mermaids and Dolphins!!

The group spends the day at the beach together. Livie and Dreamer join them as they see that the beach is a great place to be. However, they find a dolphin who got too close to shore and was beached. They try to save her, but can't seem to help. Luckily, a girl named Minami, a marine biologist, comes to help with other marine volunteers. The volunteers carry the dolphin to their truck where they will take her to the aquarium to be nursed back to health and released back into the sea. Minami is impressed with the girls as they tried to help the dolphin. Yet, Bob-Boom appears and attacks Minami for she is Cure Mermaid. The Sonic Precure come and fight the Harpoon Shark Samael. Livie and Dreamer decide to help them for they have to try to help however they can. Eventually, they managed to win. Minami decides to teach the group how they can save the wildlife without knowing so much about marine biology.... and you can help too.

Precure featured: Cure Mermaid 

44. True Jewel of Friendship! Rouge and Ace!!

Rouge meets the girl who is Cure Ace and discovers that they share a lot of stuff in common. Yet, Ace is disappointed that Rouge steals jewels. But she's not the only thief for Bob-Boom comes and attacks Ace. Cure Wings learns while facing the Trump Card Samael that true jewels aren't sparkly rocks but friendship and saves her new friend from the destructive enemy!

Precure featured: Cure Ace

45. Suddenly Snow Day!? Rescue Cure Beauty!!

Winona finds Reika (Cure Beauty) all alone and steals her dreams. The Ice Sword Samael uses its dark powers to turn the town into a cold snow day! When the day gets colder, the Sonic Precure fight the blizzard to stop the cold storm and save Cure Beauty!

Precure featured: Cure Beauty

46. Tikal’s Worried. Will I Be a Spirit Soon?

Tikal became a mortal but only temporarily because her time is running out. Her worries make her feel like she can't fight anymore as Cure Spirit. Yet she must continue to fight for she must aid the Sonic Precure against the Black Swan Samael and the Parasite Flower Samael.

Precure featured: Cure Bloom and Cure Egret

47. Cream on Stage!? Help from a Performer!! A Trap by Bob-Bomb!?

Cream enter her name in a lottery, and she wins a chance to perform a song in the Summer Music Show. She is happy, but she's scared of singing in front of several people, and she hides this from the others. Luckily, during some of the rehearsals, she meets a fellow performer named Urara who gives her confidence to perform. However, on the night of the show, Bob-Bomb tricks the rest of the Sonic Precure and the group by trapping them in a powerful steel room! He uses this opportunity by attacking Urara who is actually Cure Lemonade. Without the other members around, Cream reveals herself in front of several people as Cure Bunny as she gives them a performance as she battles the Lemon Microphone Samael!

Precure featured: Cure Lemonade

48. Cure Sky Revealed!! Protect Cosmos!!

Winona and Darkous are the last of the two minions since Bob-Bomb exploded during his battle with Cure Bunny. Winona decides to take on Cure Sprout before anything else happens. She attacks Cosmos and creates the Flower Martian Samael. With Cosmos as her captive, Winona rides her Samael into town, creating panic and terror among the people. The Sonic Precure try to attack, but are afraid of losing Cosmos. Luckily, Cure Sky comes and takes Cosmos and her dreams from Winona. Suddenly, Sky removes the cape and mask to reveal that Cure Sky is.... Tails!?

Precure featured: Cure Sprout

49. Tails is Cure Sky?! Peaceful Comfort from Peace and Muffy.

Tails tells the girls that when he tried to save Shiny Luminous when she was targeted, the Master Broach with the Master Emerald and Muffy came to him and he became Cure Sky. Yet, he never revealed himself because he was embarrassed because the Precure are all girls except him. He decides to have some alone time but he receives comfort from Muffy and a girl (Yayoi) who noticed that he was troubled. She tells him that she's Cure Peace and was surprised for she is so shy and a bit of a crybaby, but the true approval of a Precure is not by fairies or magic but deep inside your heart. Winona comes by and attack Yayoi. Tails becomes Cure Sky and attacks the evil witch and her Super Villain Samael. Tails realizes that a Precure doesn't have to be a girl but someone who embraces their uniqueness and desires to help others. He unlocks the power inside him with the Master Emerald as he summons the power of Super Sonic and destroys Winona's Samael and her crystal ball, which she reveals has been keeping her alive as she slowly ages away until she was just some dust in a magenta cape.

Precure featured: Cure Peace 

50. 3 Targets Left!? The Truth of Darkous!!

There are 3 targets left: Cure Mint, Cure Echo, and Cure Sky because Darkous checked the other precure around the world. Natts comes to the group and asks them to protect Komachi (Cure Mint) because she fears that she'll be next. They follow him, but are too late because Darkous stole her dreams already, but Rouge tells to stop, revealing him to be Shadow! The group is in shock, but the mind-control by Black Sun is too strong as he flees with the dreams! Cure Heart, Cure Sword, and Natts join the Sonic Precure, Livie, and Dreamer as they head back to the Quiet Citadel to save the Precure dreams and Shadow!

Precure featured: Cure Mint

51. Find Mint’s Dreams!! Purify Darkous!! The True Team Attack!!

Dreamer and Livie guide the group through the Quiet Citadel and find all the International Precure's dreams, including Mint's dreams. However, Darkous is guarding the room with his dragon Magma and all the Samael he created when he stole the dreams. As several Samael disappear, the group realize that to turn Darkous back into Shadow isn't possible without a strong team attack, but they still have the horror the deaths of the Dream Seekers, Jimmy (wait not him), Bob-Bomb, and Winona in their heads. Tails tells them that the Master Emerald and the Chaos Emeralds have powers together that create good. With that, they all combine their powers and perform their true attack: "Emerald Chaos Control". Magma becomes a small Dragon fairy, the Samaels are all gone, the dreams all head back to their owners, and at last, Shadow is back. Now they just have to get Sonic back!

52. The Sky Echoes!! Protect Cure Echo!!

It's just Black Sun and Sandman now that their army is diminished. But there are two targets left and Sandman has a plan to get them both. Meanwhile, Mana asks Ayumi's mother if Ayumi can sleepover with her. Ayumi and her fairies (EnEn and Gureru) come with her to the group's house. She and Tails are the last of the Precure that haven't been attacked yet. Unfortunately, their protection plan fails for Sandman comes and destroys the house. Ayumi quickly becomes Cure Echo, but Sandman attacks her and creates the Fusion Samael. The Sonic Precure eventually defeat it, but Sandman suddenly attacks Cure Sky, who had Sonic's spirit in his dreams the whole time! Sandman disappears and takes Sky and Echo with him! Now what will they do!?

Precure featured: Cure Echo

53. Save Tails!! Reflections of Temptation?!

The Sonic Precure have to save Sky and Echo from Sandman-- I mean Black Sun. Because he brought her the two cures, she finally speaks and has no use for him. Sky and Echo watch in horror as her powers destroy the General and turn him into a pile of sand. Black Sun carries Sonic's body as she approaches the pair. Meanwhile, the Sonic Precure find themselves in the Evil Mirror Maze, where reflections reveal their biggest tempting desire. Eventually, Cure Attract's power destroys the maze because her heart knows that Sonic is the only boy for her.

54. Sonic Released!? The Love of Two Brothers!!

Holding Tails hostage, Queen Black Sun calls on Sonic's spirit to come back to his body, which he eventually does. Suddenly, she eats the dreams of Cure Echo, absorbing the power of her Precure powers as she becomes Ayumi... with blue skin! The two brothers run while carrying Ayumi's body and eventually meet up with the rest of the Sonic Precure. However, Sonic is taken by Black Sun and takes his dreams. She wanted to take his dreams for he and Ayumi has no stronger dreams than they do. Now she flies up and unleashes her powers on the world where all the people, animals, even the plants fall into the Silent Slumber!

55. Cure Spirit’s Last Stand!? Goodbye Tikal!? The Dawn Emerald Rises!!

The Sonic Precure realize that to save Sonic, Ayumi, and the universe, they must face Black Sun. However, Spirit notices that she's starting to fade. Her time is almost up. Luckily, the Precure throughout the world use their powers to let the Sonic Precure climb up to the sky and reach Black Sun. Livie and Dreamer join the group as they fly with them on Dreamer's Dream Cloud. During the battle, Spirit suddenly becomes Tikal as her body fades away until she's a spirit. But Tikal uses the last of her life to use the Chaos Emeralds and the Master Emerald and fuse them into the powerful Dawn Emerald. The rest of the Sonic Precure watches sadly as Tikal smiles as she and Chaos disappear....

56. Final Battle!! Wait! It's not!?

The Dawn Emerald grants the Sonic Precure with Super Powers that defeat Queen Black Sun and Ayumi and Sonic get their dreams back. The group is shocked to see that Black Sun is a small black star as it flies up a nearby tower as Cure Attract and Dreamer pursue her. At the top, they sees how the evil star gets the appearance of a witch: feeding off dark energy from a dark cocoon with a sleeping girl inside. She tells the duo that the girl's pain and sorrow is a feast to her. In rage, they jump out to attack, but Black Sun uses her remaining powers to seal them inside the girl's dreams and takes Attract's Emerald Locket. Dreamer and Attract, who became Amy again, finds a beautiful world that could only be dreamed of by a little girl, as she finds the dream self of the sleeping child, Diana.

           57. The Dream World of the Sleeping Child. The Birth of the Dream Queen!!Edit

There once was a rich couple who gave birth to a small girl they named Diana. Before her 4th birthday, her parents died in a fatal car crash, leaving her in the care of her strict aunt. Home-schooled and never allowed to leave the mansion, Diana was sad and very lonely. Yet, she found that drawing and playing with her toys gave her a world to visit, her Dream World. She felt comfort in this world and felt that reality was meant to give hardships. But the pictures she drew and the books she read gave her insight as to how life was for most people, life with mistakes and happiness. One day, star crashed landed in the house that led to it's destruction, Diana survived while her aunt and the star fused to create Black Sun. She sealed her inside the dark cocoon as she fed on her sadness and loneliness while she remained in the Dream World. That's was how Queen Black Sun came to be.

Dreamer and Amy see that though she wants to live life like others do, her life was controlled and lonely. But some of her toys tell them that she defends the dream world when Nightmares come and offers the Chimeras a place to recover strength so they can continue to eat Nightmares. Dreamer realized that she and Livie were actually made from Diana's dreams (Livie represents her Reality and Dreamer represents her Dreams). Dreamer realizes that Diana has powerful dreams that can be used to protect other dreams and not just hers. Amy tells her how Diana can do this and still live life as she holds her hand out for friendship.

58. The Nightmare is over!! Sad Farewell. 

The power of the new friendship destroys the black cocoon and Black Sun slowly loses power and becomes a black rock and explodes. All of the worlds all awake to see a beautiful dream world becoming the protector of all Dreams: The Dream Kingdom. Diana becomes a lady (since the she was trapped for years) of beauty as she now the Diana the Dream Queen. Livie and Dreamer become the princesses of the new kingdom. With their powers, they'll protect all of the dreams of the Dream Universe. The fairies (except Cheese) decide to join their kingdom to help preserve dreams with them. In the Dream Kingdom, Tikal and Chaos come back for they can live in the Dream Universe as long as they want.

However, she also tells the rest of the Sonic Precure some bad news she received from Goddess ruling the Heavens (Palutena). Now that Mobius is free of the Silent Slumber, the Chaos and Master Emeralds have to go, and they have to go home, and probably won't come back to Earth. Sad farewells are made with the group and the rest of the Precure. Luckily, Mana reminds them that if they remember the Dream Kingdom, they can be together every time they sleep. All the Emerald Lockets and the Master Broach become Emeralds again as the group floats up to a portal they create and head home.


Pretty soon, life returns to normal on Earth with all the Precure resuming their normal lives. But at night while they sleep, they come to the Dream Kingdom and help fight the Nightmares and save tired Chimeras so they can help eat the Nightmares. Thanks to Diana and the Dream Kingdom, the precure who remain separated from those by long distances and the spirit world are reunited to be together. Meanwhile, when they return back to Mobius, the Sonic Precure realize that while the Mobius Emeralds are on Mobius, they can still become Cures as they join Sonic in the long overdue battle with Dr. Eggman!

Sonic Precure: The Speedy Chaos of Changing SeasonsEdit

There is a kingdom called the Seasons Kingdom, where the 4 monarchs (Blossom, Wave, Crispy, and Snowflake) work together to create the seasons for all over the world. However, the 4 monarchs have a huge fight and it's affecting the world with chaos of rapidly changing seasons. The Chaos Emeralds, sensing the dangers, sends the Sonic Precure to the Seasons Kingdom so they can stop all the chaotic changes and find out why the monarchs started fighting recently.

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