Kurumi Erika
来海えりか Kurumi Erika
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Age 13 (14 in Angel Wings: Pretty Cure Marine and the Cure Guardians)
Gender Female
Season Heartcatch Pretty Cure, Smile Pretty Cure Cosmic, Pretty Cure 4
Birthplace Tokyo, Japan
Birthdate May 26th, 1997
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Cyan (Cure Marine)

Navy Blue (Erika)

Family Kurumi Momoka (older sister), Kurumi Sakura (mother), Kurumi Ryuunosuke (father)
Alter Ego Cure Marine
Cure Shine
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Theme Ego Marine Flower


"My flower sound appears and makes me happy!"
―Erika, Smile Pretty Cure Cosmic
"My snow is a beauty and no one gets our gentle flower and you cannot bring a flower sound at all! Remember to not steal our loves!"
―Erika, Angel Wings: Pretty Cure Marine and the Cure Guardians
  • My flower sound appears and makes me happy! (私の花音が表示され、私を幸せにする! Watashi no kanon ga hyōji sa re, watashi o shiawaseni suru!?)
  • My snow is a beauty and no one gets our gentle flower and you cannot bring a flower sound at all! Remember to not steal our loves! (私の雪の美しさであり、誰もが私たちの優しい花を取得しないとあなたがすべてでは花音をもたらすことはできません!私たちの愛を盗むことをお忘れなく! Watashi no yuki no utsukushi-sadeari, daremoga watashitachi no yasashī hana o shutoku shinaito anata ga subetede wa kanon o motarasu koto wa dekimasen! Watashitachi no ai o nusumu koto o o wasurenaku!?)

Bird Marine (バードマリン Baado Marin?)
Smile Marine (スマイルマリン Sumairumarin?)
Marine Woman (マリンウーマン Marinuuman?)

Pretty Cure All Stars + Angry Birds & Shooting Stars
The other cures have the Angry Bird trans, except for Erika and Miyukiastheyturnintobirds. Blue Bird wants Erika to marry him and live in Bird World. Erika yells "I don't want to marry you, stupid bird!!!" (私はあなたと結婚する馬鹿鳥を望んでいない!!! Watashi wa anata to kekkon suru bakadori o nozonde inai!!!?), and the other charcaters laughed at her, except for Blue Bird and Miyuki, before the credits roll on.

Love RelationshipsEdit

  • Blue Bird - Blue Bird wanted to marry Erika, but Erika reminded that he have stupidity.

Smile Pretty Cure CosmicEdit

Erika has ran away from the Galaxy cures and meets the Smile cures. Erika became very happy, friendly and active. Erika becames a new special and upgraded cure.

Numbers of UpgradesEdit

  • Cure Shine - Asking Momoka for her new henshin device and upgraded.
  • Smile Marine - Asking Miyuki for her Smile device and her powers was strong and upgraded.
  • Marine Woman - Asking Mega Man for getting her armor on and upgraded.

Screaming at VillansEdit

Erika joins the Villan Team, yet, she screams at the villans. She ran away from them and the voice said "You have to join the Egg Team" but she kelp screaming (only in Heartcatch Pretty Cure All Stars).

Escaping the PrisonEdit

Erika came out in the jail and smack the villans to lock them and she was very, very happy and say "yes!" and came out the police station.

She went home late. Her mother said "You are a brave girl!" (あなたは勇敢な女の子です! Anata wa yūkan'na on'nanokodesu!?) cause she might to have a rest. She slep yet until she go to school again.

Erika's Contract
I, Erika Kurumi has to do the following things:

  • I will become a Pretty Cure (and also upgrade ones)
  • I will not become a Dark Cure
  • I will wear anything blue at all times
  • I will not kill any other cures
  • I will have trans
  • I will defeat the villans
  • I will go to school everyday
  • I will not die
  • I will not eat/drink anything that is not food/drink

If you do the wrong thing, the results in:

  • Send to prison
  • No transformation
  • No trans
  • Loss of things
  • Refuse to do something


Erika was killed by Eas, using her final attack with her powerful sword and they chop her head off. Marzez Rico became angry by her death.

She went to Hell again.

===Another Rebirth===
Erika went to Heaven but she came back to Pretty Cure World. Everyone and her family was very happy.

Smile MarineEdit

"The freezing snow of the heartcatch in a flower sound! Smile Marine!"
"Kanon de hātokyatchi no tōketsu yuki! Sumairumarin!"

Smile Marine is Erika's special alter ego. This alter ego can be only appear in Smile Pretty Cure Cosmic. Her main weapon is Marine Snapper and her upgrade weapon is Marine Sword.

Cure ShineEdit

Not yet written...

Marine WomanEdit

"The flower that the gun shoots everywhere by Robot Master! Marine Woman!"
"Jū wa robotto no masutā ga doko demo utsu koto ga hana! Marinūman!"

Marine Woman is a Robot Master alter ego. This alter ego can be only appear in Robot Master Erika and Robot Master Pretty Cure.

Bird MarineEdit

Bird Marine is Erika's bird alter ego. Although she did not turn herself into a Angry Bird trans, but turns herself into Blue Bird as well, making her anxious and jealous of how the other cures turned into Angry Bird trans.