Kujou Hikari
九条ひかり Kujou Hikari
Kujou Hikari-Shiny Luminous (Official)
Alias(es) Emissary of Light

The Nurse of Light (title)

Race Human
Age 13
Gender Female
Season Futari wa Pretty Cure Max Heart
Birthplace Garden of Light (previously)

Harajuku, Tokyo, Japan (currently)

Birthdate September 9, 2000
Eye Color Dark Yellow
Hair Color Magenta w/ Light Pink streaks (Shiny Luminous)

Yellow (Hikari, Shiny Luminous (formerly))

Family Kujou Hikaru (adopted brother)

Fujita Akane (proclaimed cousin)

Alter Ego Shiny Luminous
Attribute Light
Theme Ego Angel Wing



One of the concepts have Shiny Luminous, with a drastic color change, and seen with a happily goofy face expression, as her hair color consists of white and chocolate brown colors. A light pink color appears on her legwarmers and dress. Trickster Luminous's dessert motif is a chocolate-covered strawberry, as it forms with a twin, on her hair bows.

Shiny Luminous retrieves a new upgrade in the revamp. Her attire should be unknown.