Kise Yayoi
黄瀬やよい Kise Yayoi
Kise Yayoi-Cure Peace (Official)
Alias(es) Yellow Star

Princess of Lightning
Princess Yayoi

Race Human, Cure
Age 14
Gender Female
Season Smile Pretty Cure!, Smile Pretty Cure! Portal
Birthplace Nanairogaoka, Japan
Birthdate June 9, 1999
Eye Color Yellow
Hair Color Yellow (Cure Peace)

Gold (Yayoi)

Family Kise Yuuichi (father, deceased), Kise Chiharu (mother)
Alter Ego Cure Peace
Attribute Lightning
Theme Ego Star

Alice in Wonderland


A sweet, bubbly, yet a whiny little girl. Yayoi adores drawing and dreaming by becoming an artist. Though she receives her new upgrade and princess status after passing the test, her concerns about her leadership let Yayoi worry about the other Cures.


In some concept arts, Cure Peace was given a drastic color change. Peace's hair receives brown and walnut colors, as sharing her attire's colors. Trickster Peace's dessert motif is a chocolate chip cookie dough, but a prop reveals to be a cookie with five dots and four triangle patterns.

Cure PeaceEdit

New AttacksEdit

Star PeaceEdit

Color PalettesEdit

  1. Original (Cure Peace)
  2. Pixel (Graffiti Kingdom)
  3. Annie of the Stars (Skullgirls)
  4. Dark Shine
  5. Wonder-Yellow (The Wonderful 101)
  6. Happy Fruit
  7. A Cold, Blue World
  8. Wendy's
  9. Beast Boy (Teen Titans)
  10. Alice in Wonderland
  11. Velvet Queen
  12. Kaiba/Warp (Kaiba)
  13. Free Neons
  14. Star Man (Mega Man 5)
  15. Cookie Dough
  16. Emo Crys (Wild Grinders)
  17. Pinkie Pie (MLP: Equestria Girls)
  18. Smile-a-GoGo!
  19. Ink Quad
  20. Paint Quad

Additional EtymologyEdit

If Yayoi's surname represents the yellow color scheme, then she is one of the seven Cures to belong in Nanairogaoka, which literally represent seven, main colors.



Smile Precure! Vocal Album 1 Track 04

Smile Precure! Vocal Album 1 Track 04

Mega Man 20th Anniversary Techno CD Star Man (MM5)

Mega Man 20th Anniversary Techno CD Star Man (MM5)

Star Peace's Theme