Kiryuu Michiru
霧生 満 Kiryuu Michiru
Alias(es) The Cleric of Twilight (title)
Race {{{race}}}
Age Looks like 15-16 years old
Gender Female
Season Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, Smile Pretty Cure! Portal
Birthplace {{{home}}}
Birthdate Unknown
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Chartreuse (Cure Faith)

Dark Crimson

Family {{{relative}}}
Alter Ego Power of the Moon (Splash Star), Cure Faith (Smile Pretty! Portal)
Attribute {{{attribute}}}
Theme Ego Moon (Power of the Moon)

Tycoon Princess (Cure Faith)


Michiru's title is Misumi Nagisa (ミスミ渚 Misumi Nagisa)/Cure Guard (キュアガード Kyua Gādoan.

In Smile Pretty Cure! Portal, her new alter ego is Cure Faith.



  • In the early version of the fan sequel, Smile Pretty Cure Dynamite!, Michiru's ego is revealed as Cure Chrono. Changes occurred, before Kaoru's old ego is taken by Michiru.
    • Cure Chrono is later scrapped, typically. "Chrono" is a Latin term for "time"; so on, Michiru does not control time. That was Cure Allegro who done this.
  • Michiru main icon is earlier known to be a moon with a star above. This is desperately removed by Smile Pretty Cure! Portal, and was replaced by a bow with a green triangle.
  • Michiru is the third Pretty Cure to have a Japanese-influenced design.


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