Kiryuu Michiru
霧生 満 Kiryuu Michiru
Alias(es) The Cleric of Twilight (title)
Race {{{race}}}
Age Looks like 15-16 years old
Gender Female
Season Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash Star, Smile Pretty Cure! Portal
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Birthdate Unknown
Eye Color Orange
Hair Color Chartreuse (Cure Faith)

Dark Crimson

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Alter Ego Power of the Moon (Splash Star), Cure Faith (Smile Pretty! Portal)
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Theme Ego Moon (Power of the Moon)

Tycoon Princess (Cure Faith)


Michiru's title is The Cleric of Twilight (黄昏の聖職者 Kasogare no seishoukusha?).

In Smile Pretty Cure! Portal, her new alter ego is Cure Faith.



  • In the early version of the fan sequel, Smile Pretty Cure Dynamite!, Michiru's ego is revealed as Cure Chrono. Changes occurred, before Kaoru's old ego is taken by Michiru.
    • Cure Chrono is later scrapped, typically. "Chrono" is a Latin term for "time"; so on, Michiru does not control time. That was Cure Allegro who done this.
  • Michiru main icon is earlier known to be a moon with a star above. This is desperately removed by Smile Pretty Cure! Portal, and was replaced by a bow with a green triangle.
  • Michiru is the third Pretty Cure to have a Japanese-influenced design.