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"The radiant hope born from the void of despair! Kirarin★PreCure Shining Stars!"

Kirarin★PreCure Shining Stars! is Lethargic Yuki Co.'s third fanseries, but his first long-term project, as both of his music themed series were just fleeting ideas. The themes are romance, hope in the face of adversity, stars, and learning to work as a team.

Storyline Edit

On a planet called Galaxia, cute, sentient stuffed animals live a communal life together, until a mysterious illness causes the queen, an eagle named Lumina, to fall ill and die. Without the queen's protection, 99% of Galaxia's residents perish in an invasion from their sworn enemy, the Black Hole Kingdom.

Eight fairies by the names of Kuro, Violetto, Magu, Redin, Ambie, Blanccis, Blu, and Gurin escape to earth to find the eight "PreCure". But will their candidates be able to defeat the Black Hole Kingdom...?!

Cures Edit

  • Ritsu Kasumi: Ritsu is an intelligent, quiet, and painfully shy boy who is, in fact, the first Cure to have a confirmed mental illness, as he is autistic. He is in love with his chidhood friend, Sakutaro Sakurai, but is too shy to confess. He transforms into the black-and-cyan themed Cure Maelstrom, who has the power of water and ice. He represents the sin of Lust, out of the first seven Cures.
  • Sakutaro Sakurai: The student council president, and Ritsu's best (and only) friend/crush. He is calm, collected, and kind, but if you hurt his friends, Ritsu in particular, he can go into an uncontrollable rage. He is the lilac themed PreCure of tranquility, Cure Shinai, who controls flowers and mist. Ironically, he represents the sin of wrath. He inenvertantly founds about Ritsu's feelings for him in episode one.
  • Otome Tojo: Otome is an energetic and extroverted girl who is nice to everyone she meets. She is also the only one on the team who expresses concern for the villains and monsters. She plays various sports. She is the pink-themed PreCure of energy, Cure Lucky, who has power over the weather. She represents the sin of greed, due to her occasional impulse-buying.
  • Rina Hinata: Rina is a scary, serious, and dense girl who takes no nonsense. She is the red PreCure of courage, Cure Burning, who, predictably, has power over fire. She represents envy, due to envying her older brother's idyllic lifestyle. She is the last of the initial four Cures, until her brother joins the team as the fifth cure in episode nine.

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