Kazumi Korobishi / Cure Sweet
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Alias(es) Kazumi-Chan


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Age 14
Gender Female
Season Oishī Oishī Precure
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Eye Color Amber (Kazumi)

Golden (Cure Sweet)

Hair Color Light-Blonde (Kazumi)

Golden (Cure Sweet)

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Kazumi Korobishi or Cure Sweet is the third Prettycure in Oishī Oishī Precure

Personality Edit

Kazumi is quite shy, and dislikes to being late for her classes or clubs. She is somewhat nerdy, and she loves to cook. When around Rika Nakagawa and Alex Miyoshi, she is open and friendly, and here shyness is little. Around Tomoko Adachi, she is still quite shy- but by the end of Season One, they are good friends.

Physical Appearance Edit

Kazumi is a 14 year old girl with long golden twintails that reach to her waist, tied with white ribbons. She wears a pair of white reading glasses with thin frames. In her casual clothes, Kazumi wears a yellow t-shirt with a plaid white heart in the centre along with black shorts, yellow ankle socks and white ballet flats.

In her Precure ego, Kazumi's hair reaches down to her ankles in long, golden ponytails. She wears a pair of ankle boots with flared cuffs which match her ruffled bracelets. Her skirt reaches halfway to her knees, and her shirt is strapless, fastened with her Chokorēto-Makeup- which forms into a small flower.

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