Kasugano Urara
春日野 うらら Kasugano Urara
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Age 13-14
Gender Female
Season Yes! Pretty Cure 5 (GoGo)
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Eye Color Yellow (Cure Lemonade)

Gold (Urara)

Hair Color Blonde (Cure Lemonade)

Gold (Urara)

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Alter Ego Cure Lemonade
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Theme Ego Yellow Butterfly/Rose

Urara is one of the official characters of the Pretty Cure franchise. Her alter ego is Cure Lemonade (キュアレモネード Kyua Remoneedo?), and her mascot is Syrup.



Urara always acts cheerful to people wherever she goes, but is shy until she meets Nozomi, who acts as her friend instantly when they meet. Urara is a bit materialistic and takes her job seriously, but because of her busy lifestyle, she had no friends when she begins at her new school. Because of her fire for her job, she is very calm and polite, referring to most of Pretty Cure with the suffix "-san". Even so, Urara's personality does resemble Nozomi's. The two sometimes don't think their actions through, causing together problems and giving Rin a hard time, who has to look after them half the time to try and stop the two friends from causing problems. Urara also has a very large appetite and loves food, and she and Nozomi sometimes pair up as both friends and Pretty Cure, although their friendship isn't quite as strong as Rin and Nozomi's.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

In the Mega Man crossover, Urara's alter ego is Spark Lemonade (スパークレモネード Supaaku Remoneedo?), combining with Spark Man's power.


In Yes! Pretty Cure 5 GoGo!, her dress is unique once again with an extra row of frills and another kind of skirt. A couple of small red roses are now in her hair.

Cure LemonadeEdit


The fragrance of bursting lemon, Cure Lemonade!
Hajikeru remon no kaori, Kyua Remoneedo!

Cure Lemonade (キュアレモネード Kyua Remoneedo?), also known as the Cure of Effervescence, is the only one who does not have any counterpart or partner, and uses the element of light. Her clothes are always unique compared to the others, as she has a fluffier, more feminine feel to her uniform. As Cure Lemonade, Urara has much more confidence and does not hesitate as much as in human form. Alone, Cure Lemonade can perform the attack Lemonade Flash. When her powers get upgraded with the Lemonade Castanet, she uses Lemonade Shining. At the end of the first season, all the five girls can combine their powers and do the attack Five Explosion.

In the sequel, Cure Lemonade now uses the attack Prism Chain, also able to use it to stop the enemy from moving. With the other five girls and their Cure Fleurets half through the season, she can perform Rainbow Rose Explosion and, with Milky Rose, Floral Explosion.

New Abilities (Caramel)Edit

Bird LemonadeEdit

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Oops. Why didn't you say so?-Tsubomi
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Kasugano Urara is an official character from Pretty Cure.

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