Hino Akajiro
日野赤次郎 Hino Akajirō
Alias(es) Unknown
Race Human

Magical Boy

Age 16
Gender Male
Season Smile PreCure! Royal Prince
Birthplace Nanairogaoka
Birthdate January 1st
Eye Color Red (Akajiro)

Orange (Cure Solar)

Hair Color Red (Akajiro)

Orange (Cure Solar)

Family Hino Akane (Mother)

Brian Taylor (Father)

Alter Ego Cure Solar
Attribute Fire
Theme Ego Circle
Hino Akajiro (日野赤次郎 Hino Akajirō?) is one of the main protagonists of Smile PreCure! Royal Prince. He is the son of Hino Akane aka Cure Sunny and Brian Taylor. Like his mother, Akajiro speaks in Kansai dialect and loves to bring smiles to everyones' faces by making okonomiyaki and his famous "Akajiro Curry".  His alter ego is Cure Solar (キュアソーラー Kyua Sōrā?) and his element is fire.







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