Himazaka Momi
暇坂もみ Himazaka Momi
Alias(es) Red Sparkle

Princess of Beam
Princess Momi

Race Human, Cure
Age 13
Gender Female
Season Smile Pretty Cure! Portal
Birthplace Nagayo, Japan
Birthdate August 15, 2000
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color Red (Cure Dazzle)

Brown (Momi)

Family Unknown
Alter Ego Cure Dazzle
Attribute Beam
Theme Ego Sparkle

Dorothy from Wizard of Oz

Momi is one of the main Cures from Smile Pretty Cure! Portal. Her alter ego is Cure Dazzle (キュアダザル Kyua Dazuru?), and her mascot is Tiki.



Cure DazzleEdit

Sheening pride, true spirit, Cure Dazzle!
ぎらぎら 誇り、真の精神! キュアダズル!
Giragira hokori, shin no seishin! Kyua Dazuru!

Cure Dazzle (キュアダザル Kyua Dazuru?) is Momi's Pretty Cure ego.


Himazaka (暇坂?)-"Hima" (暇) translates "free", and "zaka" 坂 means "slope".

Momi (もみ?)-The name Momi translates to "red silk" in Japanese language, thus her signature color. Because of this, she is one of the seven Cures to belong to Nanairogaoka, which literally represents seven, main colors.

Cure Dazzle refers to brightness.



Property of Caramel
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Himazaka Momi is created by Caramelangel714.

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