Hikari e Pretty Cure (光へプリキュア! Hikari e Purikyua!) is a series created by CureHibiki. The series begins airing sometime in February 2018 and the motifs of the show are rainbows, light and friendship. The series follows five girls: Hoshimiya Kagami, Fujita Umeko, Isobe Rin, Nagata Riseko and Ando Keiko, as fight against evil to protect their hometown and the world.

Hikari e Pretty Cure!

(Hikari e Purikyua!)

Director CureHibiki
Original Run February 2017 - January 2019
Episodes 50
Predecessor  ???
Successor StarStream Pretty Cure!
Opening Song Hikari e~! Yay~!
Ending Song Itsumademo


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