Heartsaur Sentai Cureranger!
ハートサウルス 戦隊キュアレンジャー!
(Hātosaurusu Sentai Kyuarenjā!)

35 ( English Dub)


 Heartsaur Sentai Cureranger! (ハートサウルス 戦隊キュアレンジャー!, Hātosaurusu Sentai Kyuarenjā! ) is anime series that crossover with Super Sentai Series and Pretty Cure series. The series is based on Heartcatch Pretty Cure and Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, Also American Adpatation of Zyurangers: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers ( Season 1) and English dub version of Heartcatch Precure: Flower Princess. This is the first series of Cureranger Series ( Power Rangers Girls series in English Dub). 

The English Dub version of the series by Saban Brands known as: Power Rangers Dino Heart. It will air on Netflix.

Plot. Edit

List of Heartsaur Sentai Cureranger! Episodes. Edit

Characters. Edit

Curerangers. Edit

Mascots. Edit

Villains. Edit

Ancient Desert  apostles. Edit

Supporting chracters. Edit

Students. Edit

Pretty cures. Edit

Heartcatch precures. Edit

All Super Sentais. Edit

Kyoryu Sentai Zyurangers. Edit

Bakuryu Sentai Abarangers. Edit

Zyuden Sentai Kyoryugers. Edit

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Heartcatch precures.

Super sentai.

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Differrent Between Heartsaur Sentai CureRangers and Power Rangers Dino Heart. Edit

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