Heart Perfumes (ココロパフューム Kokoropafyuumu?) are the items used for Hanasaki Tsubomi and Kurumi Erika to transform to Cure form. This requires the Pretty Cure Seeds to use, which Chypre and Coffret keep. During the transformation, the girls use the Heart Perfumes to
Heart Perfume
spray on their bodies to form the clothes. Myoudouin Itsuki has a similar perfume which she uses to transform, but it is called the Shiny Perfume (シャイニーパフューム Shainiipafyuumu?). Cure Moonlight's Heart Perfume is taken by Chypre and Coffret and given to Tsubomi, so Cure Moonlight instead uses the Heart Pot's lid to transform.

Later, it is possible for the girls to put Heart Seeds into the Heart Perfumes in order to power up their abilities. Each Heart Seed has their own power.

Fanon Description by Caramelangel714Edit

The Heart Perfumes are drastically upgraded after the Heartcatch Cures completed their Mirage Test, with the exception of Kurumi Erika.

Angelic Planet Heart PerfumeEdit

The Angelic Planet Heart Perfume (エンジェリックプラネットこころのパフューム Enjerikku Puranetto Kokoro no Pafyuumu?)is the upgraded version of the Heart Perfume. It was given by Hanasaki Tsubomi, Haneshiro Moyoko, Tsukikage Yuri, Hichimitsu Lira, and the others to transform.

Starlink Shiny PerfumeEdit

The Starlink Shiny Perfume is the upgraded version of the Shiny Perfume. It was given by Roll Light, Myoudouin Itsuki, Shiku Rumi, Kurumi Momoka, and Kamako Suzu.

Winged Heart PerfumeEdit

The Winged Heart Perfume is the special artifact that allows Beauty and Kalinka to transform into Starlight Glory and Angel Lotus.



Fanon DescriptionEdit

Unlike the original Heart Perfume from the prequel, the Angelic Planet Heart Perfume appears to be round and contains an image on the heart-shaped frame. The Starlink Shiny Perfume appears to be the same thing, but contains a puff-like connector. The Winged Heart Perfume is rectangular and have wings. All three have a spiral mover that can insert the Heart Seed as the Heart Pot.

Cure Blossom's Heart Perfume was pink and her image represents the cherry blossom.