Happy Holidays! Precure! is a holiday-themed series where each girl with the power of every holiday of every month on the calendar must protect Holidays all over the world from misery and forgetfulness.

Characters Edit

Cures Edit

Cure Halloween

Cure Thanksgiving

Cure Christmas

Cure New Year

Cure Valentine

Cure St. Patrick

Cure Easter

Cure April Fools

Cure July 4th

Mascot Edit


Allies Edit

Baby New Year

King Monthly

Queen Yearly

Mother's Day

Birthday Children

Father's Day

Wizard Natinal

Villains Edit

Queen Miseria




Worse Days

Items Edit

Holiday Pacts: Transformation devices with holiday charms

Pumpkin Hammer: A magical hammer that grows pumpkin vines whenever it hits the ground.

Thansgiving Drumstick: A giant drumstick that acts like a club.

Christmas Cross: A magical cross that brings out the magic of Christmas, and even transforms into a sword.

New Year Fire Cracker: A loud firecracker that lets out attacking fireworks.

Valentine Bow: A magical bow that shoots magic love arrows at the opponents to make them fall in love.

St. Patty Clover: A lucky four leaf clover-shaped charm that lets out a gusting wind of four leaf clover leaves.

Easter Egg Bombs: Explosive Easter eggs that let out colorful puffs of smoke.

Joker's Staff: A magical staff with a joker's head on top that summons a wave of cards.

4th July Cannon: A giant red, white, and blue cannon that shoots out blazing stars of freedom.

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