Happiness Shiawase Charge full Pretty cure (ハピネスチ 幸せ ャージプリキュア! Hapinesu Sheawasea 'Chāji purikyua), is a fan fiction magical girl anime by Toei Animation and Air Before Doki Doki Happiness pretty cure. It is the fan fiction of the 9th precure season.


Aino Megumi (愛乃 めぐみ Aino Megumi?) / Cure Lovely (キュアラブリー Kyua Raburī?) - Is the main character in Happiness Shiawase Charge full pretty cure. She is a happy-go-lucky girl. She is similar to Aida Mana. She has two other forms, Lollipop Hip Hop, and Cherry Flamenco. Aino Megumi and Cure Lovely is represented by hearts

Shirayuki Hime (白雪 ひめ Shirayuki Hime?) / Cure Princess (キュアプリンセス Kyua Purinsesu?) is the princess of the Blue Sky Kingdom. She goes to school with Megumi and Yuko. She is very shy as a deer. Shirayuki Hime two other forms besides cure princess, Sherbet Ballet and Macadamia Hula Dance. She is represented by Circles, the Moon, the Sun and Feathers.

Omori Yuko (大森 ゆうこ Ōmori Yūko?) / Cure Honey (キュアハニー Kyua Hanī?) - Is Megumi and Hime's friend and classmate. Her weapons are honey baton. She has two forms; Popcorn Cheer (ポップコーンチアー Poppukōn Chiā?) and Coconut Samba (ココナッツ サンバKokonattsu Sanba?). She is represented by clovers.

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