Happiness Precharge Precure!
Hapinesu PruChāji Purikyua!
(ュヲキキョエェココ キケェィュヲケャェ キケェィシケェ)
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PredecessorGo Princess Precure
SuccessorSolar Sweet Precure

About Happiness Precharge Precure Edit

Happiness Precharge Precure is the 13th season of precure it is about regular teenage girls turning into Legendary Warriors called Pretty Cure

Characters Edit

Yukino Miki-

Lotus Mino-

Ara Sakai-

Airi Cross-

Myzuki Sorano-

Openings Edit

Opening 1-Precharge Go Go!

Precharge Go Go Go Pretty Cure! Ha-Ha-Ha-Happiness Precharge! Go Go Go Pretty Cure (Cure) Hop Jump Smile Brightly! Happiness Precharge Pretty Cure! Lets Go! Happiness Precharge (Pretty Cure)

Charge! Charge! Charge! Charge! Pretty Cure! Go Go Go Go Precharge! Smile Smile Smile Pretty Cure! Lets Go Have Some Fun!

Go! Pretty Cure! Go Pretty Cure! Go! Smile! Pretty Cure! Smile! Pretty Cure! Smile! Happiness Precharge Pretty Cure Go!

Endings Edit

Ending 1-Smile Relax!

Smile, Jump, Laugh, Relax! Pretty Cure, Cute To The Max!

Relax.....Relax....To Recover A Smile! Pretty Cure Will Be Here For A While! Don't Feel Sad Don't Feel Down! Don’t Forget About Happy Smiles!

You Can Laugh You Can Giggle! Pretty Cure Will Be There In A Squibble! Smile! Relax! Smile Relax! Smile Relax! Pretty Cure!

Go And Smile Smile Smile Relax! Pretty Cure! Smile Smile Smile Go! Relax! Pretty Cure! Always Together Best Friends Forever! Go Go Go Go! Happiness! Precharge! Pretty Cure! (Go!)

Pretty Cure! Edit

Cure Cotton-

Cure Spirit-

Cure Lilac-

Cure Sapphire-

Cure Sunflower-

Villians Edit


Mascots Edit

PhanPhan- He is a panda like fairy formerly from happiness charge precure

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