Hanasaki Tsubomi
花咲つぼみ Hanasaki Tsubomi
Hanasaki Tsubomi-Cure Blossom (Official)
Alias(es) The Bellen of Nature (title)

Flower of Beauty

Race Human, Cure
Age 14
Gender Female
Season Heartcatch Pretty Cure!, Heartcatch Pretty Cure! Cosmic
Birthplace Kibougahana, Japan
Birthdate September 20, 1999
Eye Color Fuchsia
Hair Color Pink (Cure Blossom)

Magenta (Cure Blossom, old)
Dark Magenta (Tsubomi)

Family Hanasaki Mizuki (mother), Hanasaki Youichi (father), Hanasaki Kaoruko (grandmother), Hanasaki Sora (grandfather), Hanasaki Futaba (younger sister)
Alter Ego Cure Blossom
Attribute Nature
Theme Ego Cherry Blossom


As such of a timid and soft 2nd year middle school, Tsubomi cherishes her life of gardening.


In some art concepts, Trickster Form gives Blossom a slight color change. Blossom's hair is tinted into a light hue of pink, as her attire, such as her brooch, are darker than her hair, except for her shoes. Trickster Blossom's dessert motif is a marshmallow with a four-petaled flower, propped on her hair bow.

Additional EtymologyEdit

Cure Blossom comes from "cherry blossom". Because she represents the Flower of Beauty, the cherry blossom symbolizes "inner beauty". It is beheld to be Japan's national flower that is celebrated to the beauty of this nation. The cherry blossom also means "kind and gentle" in Hanakotoba language, representing Tsubomi's personality.


  • Tsubomi is typically the second official character to have her Cure garments in a Japanese traditional influence in a fan sequel. She is after Cure Empress (Doki Doki! Pretty Cure), and before Aoki Reika (fan sequel of Smile Pretty Cure!).


Heartcatch Precure! Vocal BEST!! Track 0803:30

Heartcatch Precure! Vocal BEST!! Track 08

Big-Bean Vine - Kirby's Epic Yarn02:32

Big-Bean Vine - Kirby's Epic Yarn

Wood Blossom's Theme

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