{{{nihongo}}} 新鮮な
Alias(es) Fresco
Race Fairy
Age Unknown (child)
Gender Female
Season {{{season}}}
Birthplace Unknown
Birthdate Unknown
Eye Color Brown
Hair Color White/Deep Pink
Family None
Alter Ego None
Attribute None
Theme Ego None

Fresco is a fairy that is met in Dance! Sweet Pretty Cure, and is Cure Ballerina's partner.

Physical Appearance Edit

Fresco is a fairy that resembles the fairies in Heartcatch Pretty Cure. She has long ears, that resemble a dog's. She is mainly white, but around her eyes, on her ears and back are dark pink swirls. Like Potpourri- Fresco wears a small shawl, with a dark pink bead/clasp.

Personality Edit

Fresco is quite lazy. Most of the time, when she isn't helping the Pretty Cures, she's napping. When she's woken up, she immediately becomes grumpy. Fresco is loyal, though. She is in Cure Ballerina's transformation, and gives her the Dance Module.

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