This is a list of episodes for Flying Pretty Cure!.

Episode # Title Villain Attacks Air Date
01 Hane o tōshite utainagara Kyua U~ingu ga tanjō!
Cure Wings is born while singing through feathers!
Tornado Hurricane Blast 2013-07-07
Tsubasa is singing her favourite song, Flying High, and Blue, who was wondering around in the local park's forest, hears Tsubasa's voice. Blue founds Tsubasa and becomes friends with her. They are attacked by Tornado who makes a Gales by using a park bench. Tsubasa becomes Cure Wings, with the help of Blue.
02 Jikan o teishi suru to, watashi no senmondesu! Koko de Kyua Sukai ga kuru!
Stopping time is my specialty! Here comes Cure Sky!
Tornado Freeze Time 2013-07-14
Tsubasa is spotted talking to Blue near the clock tower by the sporty thirteen year old girl named Sora. Tsubasa tries to tell her that Blue is a toy but Sora doesn't believe her. The next day, Tsubasa walks past Sora's house to see a painting of Blue through the window. After school, she is spotted by Sora who steals Blue and is attacked by Tornado. Tsubasa (as Cure Wings) comes to Sora's rescue, but since she isn't very good at fighting yet, she is easily defeated. Sora than becomes the second Cure, Cure Sky, after wishing to help Cure Wings. She is later shocked to find out that Tsubasa is Cure Wings.
03 Mizu no kumo ga daunkurasshu kuru! Saigo ni Kyua ga umarete iru!
Cloud of water comes crashing down! Last cure is born!
Tornado Tsunami Crash 2013-07-21
Tsubasa is telling Sora all she knows about their quest as Pretty Cure when they hear boys cheering someone on. They walk over to see the smart fifteen year old girl, Moya, swimming against Miyamoto Akari. Moya loses against her but says not everyone can win at everything. Sora and Tsubasa decide to go to the local swimming pool to practice swimming. On the weekend, it is pouring down rain, leaving Tsubasa and Sora to play cards. They walk outside with umbrellas to make sure the creek down the road isn't flooding and sees Tornado create a water Gales. Sora and Tsubasa forget to check if the area was clear and was seen transforming by Moya. Together Sky and Wings battle the monster but are trapped inside, causing their airway to fill up with water. Moya freaks out and is found by Blue who gives her the power to transform into Cure Cloud. Cloud attacks the water Gales by using her attack and frees the two girls.

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