Fairies! Precure is a fan series created by Bluestagecoord. Its theme is nature and fairies.Unlike all other Precure Fandoms , This series' setting is Hong Kong .



Charmaine Wong

An ordinary 12-year old student . She has a very bubbly and kind personality and loves girl things such as Precure or Aikatsu , and she cries easily at the beginning of this series . Her favourite flower is Cherry blossom and her theme colours are pale pink and pale yellow. Her alter ego is Cure Sakura .

Charlotte Tang

Charmaine's best friend .She is fairly popular and very talkative and energetic and she also likes Precure .Her theme colours are pale purple and pale mallow-pink. Her alter ego is Cure Papillion .

Chorki Tam

Charmaine's good friend . She is slightly quiet and really shy . Unlike the rest of the group , She doesn't like girly stuff . Her theme colours are sky blue and baby blue . Her alter ego is Cure Water .


All the mascots are female .


Charmaine's transformation partner .


Charlotte's transformation partner.


Chorki's transformation partner.

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